Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's getting better, better all the time.

Back in Chicago and feeling v. happy and normal again! I'm happy to be away from "the guy" [or "the drama queen"] and really v. excited to see Shanmugam again! I got back around 10pm right as he was getting home from his friend's apartment, and we were both starving so we poked around our cabinet to make something to eat. We found an old can of black beans, a frozen bag of corn tortillas, and an economy-sized jug of salsa from Cosco. [Here at Casa Peg we like our condiments. And our beverages. Shanmugam and I both like having a wide selection of beverages available at all times in our fridge. It's fun being related to your roommate because then you can pretty much eat/drink all the food they buy too without any consequences.] After brief discussion and some collaborative effort we whipped up some rather tasty black bean enchiladas, which we then summarily consumed. I do so cherish the time we spend together.

You may be wondering what happened with the shoes the drama queen [DQ, not to be confused with Dairy Queen, drama queen's distant and far more enjoyable and tasty cousin. You may also refer to DQ as "stupid-pants" or "assface."] was holding hostage. Fear not! The shoes have been returned to my care safely and without incident. After I summoned my inner bitch and demanded my shoes back from DQ, he wrote back saying he was stuck in the lab all day so couldn't get them back to me before I left for Chicago but he'd make sure my friend got them to give to me. I just stopped by his house and picked the damn shoes up myself. I did sort of want to see him and say goodbye [ya'll, we ended on a REALLY ugly note. I don't think I've ever ended a relationship with anyone so painfully. Honestly, I do value him as a person and didn't want that to be my lasting memory of him.] but he wasn't around.

Given the rather dramatic way DQ and I ended our relationship, I decided to send him an email asking him to put this behind us and let's just try to be friends again and leave the rest out of it. DAMN GMAIL AGAIN. Does Gmail read my emails? Because I sent off that email and then the following ads popped up on my sidebar:

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Hee. I really like this one. Take Back Your Heart!

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I guess we're done with the jerks and players. Now you've met your soulmate, and you've got to understand him! And finally...

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Alright! In case it works out and you get knocked up! Swell!

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