Monday, October 09, 2006

Interview invitations are slowly trickling in, and while I'm really excited, I'm also a little annoyed because one of my darling programs INSISTS on referring to me as Mr. Peg, and I'm unsure of how to remedy this. Through the Document Tracker on ERAS I see that they have indeed downloaded my photo. I'm not particularly photogenic ya'll, but I don't look like a man. My confusing ethnic androgynous name has enough testosterone to overrule the photo, apparently. I'm wondering if there's a subtle way to slip the fact that I'm female into one of my email correspondences without looking like a total a-hole.

Update: I ran into CNG again on campus! This time we managed to have a very nice, only mildly awkward conversation about some upcoming research conferences and CokeWorld in Atlanta. Conversation with CNG where I managed to avoid being completely intoxicated, pathetic, or crying: check! FINALLY.


maisnon said...

I'm feeling you on the name/gender problemo. I once received a rejection letter addressed to MR. maisnon after I had been on a screening interview! (I also received a "Congrats - you got the internship letter!!" addressed to MR. maisnon.")

My friend Kim - a hulking, Dutch (read: TALLLLLL!), rugby player - keeps on his fridge a reminder from his HMO to schedule his annual pap smear.

punchberry said...

This happens to me all the time. If I send back any correspondence, I don't mention it in the text, but I put Miss in parentheses in front of my name. Like,

(Miss) Punch Berry

Archana said...

I've started using Ms. before my name in the auto-signature on my e-mail accounts because the same thing happens to me - and it's especially hard here in Guatemala where no one has heard of Indian names.

Chick Pea said...

when are you coming to atlanta (if?)

Brice said...

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