Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I heart gmail but unlike most other email programs, when you're replying to a message or continuing a long email thread, you can't readily see or edit the subject line without finding the "Edit Subject" button and clicking on it.

Normally, not such a big deal, except in the case of a relationship that quickly soured from one of lighthearded good-naturedness to angry, angry bitterness. Uh...yeah. This would also explain my premature departure from Iowa City back to Chicago. Anyway, in that case, when you're sending that party a bitchy email ordering him to bring your shoes that you forgot on his porch over to your friend's house where you're now staying and leaving them on the porch at a time when you won't be around, it sort of defeats the purpose of the caustic email content when the subject line is a very chirpy, "can't wait to see you again!" Damn. [Although, even in my current pissed-off mood I recognize and appreciate the profound humor of it.]

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