Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I am at home visiting my parents in Centralia today. I spent the weekend in Iowa visiting my lovely Iowa friends, then I drove to St. Louis to catch a flight to California, where I had my first residency interview yesterday. There are many ways to prepare for a residency interview, and you really have to find the way that works the best for you. Going on a 4-day bender beforehand is probably sub-optimal for most, I would say, having tried it myself. Last week I received interview invites from 2 of my top 5 programs and I celebrated by getting really hammered on Wednesday and Thursday nights. [Which: Yay! But the downside is -- now in my head I'm over and done with this whole thing, which is dangerous, ya'll.] Then on Friday I dragged myself to Iowa and we went out on both Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday we went to the Iowa/OSU game, which was sad because we lost, but mostly because it was a night game, and we had spent all day tailgating, and then over the 3-hour long course of the game, which we were losing from the beginning, we were getting tired. And sober. And losing. Everyone was lookin' pretty rough by the end of it.

But it was exciting! Here's a picture I took with my phone:By the end my feet really hurt and I was trying to find ways to occupy myself. I think Liz wanted to kill me because I couldn't shut up about how adorable the Ohio State mascot was.
[See? His head is a buckeye seed! So cute!]

Anyway, the only remedy after that was to go drink some more, which we did. Sunday was extremely painful. My flight got in around 10pm, and I had to go to my hotel. First order of business was to wash my hair and iron my suit. Then I started trippin' about how this was my first interview and maybe I should be taking it more seriously, so I binged on a bag of Double Stuf Oreos and then passed out. All circumstances considered, I think it went well! Er...as well as could be expected. We'll see.

Addendum: I forgot to mention this! I ran into CNG tailgating on Saturday! I was feeling extremely friendly and generous [and probably drunk] so I helped him pay for his ticket into the game! At the bar afterwards he bought me some drinks and we had a v. nice time. I'm happy to report that we are still awkward but I now feel I've sufficiently made it up to him.

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trAcy said...

ah! to be young(er) again!

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