Thursday, October 26, 2006

Holy. Effing. Shit. I've just returned home from my conference in New Orleans, and feel a real need for some detox time. I delivered my talk, ya'll! And all without throwing up, crying, or otherwise having a bad reaction to public speaking! Though there was a scary moment of nausea about 5 minutes before I took the podium where I leaned over to Chris sitting next to me and confessed that I had a strong feeling I might vomit. He instructed me not to do that.

But it was fun! I went to New Orleans my freshman year of college for spring break and then once for a weekend with my parents my senior year of college, but not since Katrina. We were in the French Quarter and the Arts District, and those places looked sparkling and gorgeous. Bourbon Street .... is Bourbon Street, but it's always looked a little gross and chlamydia-infested, hurricane or not. Fun for the whole family!

On Tuesday night we stayed out until 6am, and I had time for a 45 minute nap before the cab came and got me to go the airport. I had crawled into bed without changing or brushing my teeth and I was totally on auto-pilot when I left because I didn't bother to change or brush my teeth on my way out either. What this amounts to is that I went through security at the airport smelling like an arm pit. New Orleans, everybody! And now I think I could probably sleep for about 3 days straight. I LOVE being an M4. Had I known how spectacularly awesome 4th year is, maybe I wouldn't have bitched so much 3rd year.

Also, I believe I will be staying here this weekend for Halloween, not because I have any fun plans, but because I am still really hungover and the thought of enduring the drive to Iowa makes me a little nauseous. BUT this means I will be able to attend the Sepia Mutiny meet up on Saturday at Udupi!! Yay :)

For your education: I couldn't make this talk because it happened during the same time mine was happening, but some preliminary presented at the conference indicates that sperm production correlates inversely with cell phone usage. Plan accordingly!

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oodles said...

I remember the first time I walked down Bourbon Street, when I went to visit Tulane. I kept thinking, "am I really going to grad school here?" Yeah, I did and I loved it! I guess it grows on you.