Friday, October 13, 2006

Early-onset Alzheimers. And other things I have to look forward to.

Today Shanmugam and I undertook a massive cleaning effort in preparation for the parental units visit this weekend. Mainly though, I discovered his collection of DVDs and plopped down on the couch for a marathon movie session, while he vaccuumed and put stuff away. It was all mostly his anyway. There was one big mess I took full responsibility for, though, and that was the rice cooker. A while ago Grace came over one afternoon and we made a delish veggie stir fry and had some rice with it. I usually make rice frequently enough [Seriously. Other kids took microwaves and hot pots to college with them. I took a rice cooker and one of those 10lb bags of Basmati that come in the big burlap sack from the desi grocery store. I likes my rice.] that I just leave it in the rice cooker and finish it over the course of the next few days.

I guess I forgot all about it and hadn't made any rice since then [and that was back in August, friends] and so I very innocently decided to give the rice cooker a wipedown as part of our kitchen cleaning and WHOA HOLY SHIT there was a thriving ecosystem in my rice cooker. Ok, I'm being dramatic. But there was some serious fermentation happening. Shanmugam walked in as I was dumping out the "Make Your Own Alcohol in Prison" experiment and thought I had opened a bottle of wine. I've never had rice go THAT bad on me. Like, it's gotten hard and crusty before, but this was to the point of unrecognizable. When I dumped it out it was all mushy and beige and I couldn't even distinguish between the individual rice kernels. Gross.

Also, later I was eatin' some Sour Patch Kids and readin' my magazines and went looking through the cupboards for this bag of honey-roasted peanuts [Along with beverages and condiments, the residents of Casa Peg like their snacky foods. There must always be snacks.] I bought a few weeks ago so I could have sweet, sour, and salty altogether in one harmonious tasty treat. I found the peanuts and brought them into my bedroom, then left to go answer the phone. When I returned from my phone call [My mom wanted me to talk to Reflux. She would hold the phone up to him all "Bark! Bark! C'mon, bark for mommy!" and Reflux, being blind and deaf, would just wander off and walk into a wall or something. Not a very productive conversation. Our conversations usually end up in a similar, hilarious place.] I was still having my honey-roasted peanut craving so I went through the cupboards again looking for them, completely forgetting that I had already taken them out and put them in my room. I was getting so agitated looking for the peanuts that I actually called Shanmugam, who was diligently studying in the library like a good student, asking if he had polished off the entire bag of honey-roasted peanuts and HOW DARE HE. He had no idea what I was talking about but promised to stop studying and return home immediately to help search for the fugitive peanuts. I got excited and hung up before realizing that was total BS. A little while later I finally re-discovered the peanuts, right on my desk where I had left them 2 hours prior. It was a strong moment for my neurons. Should I be concerned about this? I feel like this happens to me a lot; I just go on auto pilot and can't remember anything later. Whatever, I'm not too worried about it. I have my peanuts and I'm placated.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Too funny! Poor Reflux, he's adorable.