Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last day of SICU!!! Last day of SICU! Woo hoo!!!! Now I've got to study for some stupid tests tomorrow. This rotation really gave me time to ponder: what did medical students do before computerized medical records? Without those computers all over the hospital, I wouldn't be able to surf the Internet for 5 hours a day before sign out. I think the reason I hated this rotation so much was because I just felt like a 3rd year medical student all the time. Meaning, I felt like my presence at the hospital was totally pointless.

For those of you unfamiliar with clinical rotations, here's how it works. Basically, as a medical student, you are assigned to the care of 3-4 patients. It is your duty to know as much as you can about a) your patients and b) what's happened to them in their time at the hospital. This is important because in the morning when the attending comes to take the team for rounds on all the patients, you are expected to present your patient, each and every day. Sounds so simple, right? NOOOOOO.

The sad irony of this is that, despite the fact you have to know the most because you're presenting to the attending, you're the last to know anything. You are COMPLETELY out of the loop. The nurses don't page you when things happen with your patients, for obvious reasons: you're a med student and no matter how smart you are, you just don't have the authority to make decisions. Residents from different services will page each other to update stuff, and unless you happen to overhear them, no one really cares enough about your education to tell you the progress the "team" is making in the care of the patient. Their job isn't to make sure that the med student doesn't look stupid on rounds when a bunch of orders for steroid enemas and rectal contrast have popped up and you're not sure why. Their job is to take care of the patient. Unfortunately, this means you look really stupid on rounds.

Whatever, it's done now. And I am done with the short white coat (short whitey) for the next 3 months!! Yay!!


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What about the speed dating thing?

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The short white coat made your butt look cute, though

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