Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ya'll, I'm alive. Barely. Working 16-17 hours days on my subI is getting a little played out. (Only 1 and a half more weeks!!) There was a v. brilliant moment today though. I was interviewing an elderly women pre-operatively, and things got interesting when I was taking the sexual history:

R: And are you currently sexually active?

Bad-Ass Elder Woman (BAEW): Honey I haven't had relations since my husband died 5 years ago.

R: Oh, I'm sorry. Please note, I was sorry about her HUSBAND, and not necessarily her lack of gettin' some. Though I empathize with that as well.

BAEW: Honey, me too. Things were so different in my day. Everyone was monogamous their whole life. I look at the girls today...

R: Braces herself for some kind of haterade re: women's sexual liberation.

BAEW: And man! You girls have it MADE.

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