Monday, August 28, 2006

In Which I Discuss My New Room Partner

Last week Shanmugam (my younger brother) moved in. Yep. I live with a boy. The only saving grace is that we each have our own bathrooms.

But seriously, it's great. And he's vegetarian so that makes it easy to sin less. He's not bad about cleaning up after himself and helping out with the cooking, etc. However, he is VERY protective of his things, bordering on obsessive and retarded. He has a big oversized beer stein he got when he studied abroad in Prague last year (he's very proud of it -- it has his effin' NAME engraved on it...when he first moved in he was missing a box of possessions -- he was like, college diploma, whatever...WHERE IS THE OVERSIZED CZECHOSLOVAKIAN BEER STEIN WITH MY NAME ON IT.) and it's apparently not dishwasher safe. Unfortch he drinks from it all the time (like every day) and then lets it sit on the side of the sink, so I'll just stick it in the dishwasher, which I've done about 3 times now, and he sort of got upset and yelled at me today about it...which, he has warned me not to machine-wash the czechoslovakian beer stein about 20 million times but I always forget. So now we have a deal where he'll either wash it immediately upon use or hide it under the sink if it's dirty so he can lovingly handwash it to his heart's desire himself.

Also, hilariously, last night, he was getting all irritated because we have a lot of channels but no TV guide and so we spend much of our TV watching time just flipping around all 100 channels so he got a pen and pad of paper and went through and wrote down every channel number and then what network it was. He then typed it all up on a spreadsheet, shrunk it down, and taped it to the remote control. Hee! This is my family's idea of productivity.

Also, I'm filling out my residency application but for some reason the system is not recognizing my AAMC ID #. Maybe...I'm not really enrolled here? And big shout out to Grace who stayed up with me last night until EFFIN' THREE AM helping me edit my personal statement. If it sucks it's her fault. I started my ICU rotation. The first 2 weeks are the lecture after an hour and a half long orientation, I got to go back home and crawl back into bed. Yep, I've got my pajamas on and everything. HA! Take that! I don't know who I'm yelling at.


David G said...

I swear the next time I get drunk, you're making my drunk dial list. I've tried before, but I usually just pass out first.

Anonymous said...

So you're coming back to Iowa for a little bit. You've must have forgotten about us back here because I left you a message on your cell and never got a call back. HMMM I don't have your email so I can't email you any other way. It sounds like you are busy busy busy. Want to come and visit. Guess who