Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Sunday everyone! I celebrated my recent liberation from gyn onc by sleeping 13 hours straight last night...y'know how people say you can't catch up on sleep on the weekends? I don't buy it. They're the same people who say you should eat breakfast every morning...I haven't eaten breakfast since my mom stopped making it for me when I was in the 6th grade, and I think I'm actually better off for it -- I've found that on the rare occasion when I do eat breakfast, my metabolism kicks into overdrive and I'm STARVING for lunch by around 10-11. This is a problem because you don't always have time to eat lunch. I would much rather just starve all day until 4-5 pm without being reminded of how hungry I am than have a breakfast bar and then suffer for 6 hours. So what am I saying? I'd rather have my body go into starvation mode then wake up 2 minutes earlier to have breakfast? ABSOLUTELY.

In other news, I'm working on my residency application right now. This entails a "Personal Statement." I HATE those things. HATE. It's all I'm so wonderful I'm so great I am the hardest working most dedicated medical student you will ever find and I have the most pristine ideals and we all know it's crap yet we all have to write it anyway. I feel like such a phony.

I start my ICU rotation tomorrow, then I have 3 months off! I have to take the Boards, go to Iowa to work on a talk for the end of October (ANXIETY) and then hopefully go on some interviews. If I get some. [Please interview me! I am so fun and nice! I will be your unconditional bitch!] Which...I'm not really concerned about matching per se, it's just WHERE I match...I want to be at a really good university program in a fun city, where I can do some research, and where I get along with all the other residents, and where I don't necessarily have to drive to work, and where they respect the 80-hour work week, and the faculty are nice, and maybe if it's close to home. Like, THAT'S ALL. Watch me say all that then end up in the Caribbean or somewhere.


Molly Brown said...

I like the dog in the pic, not crazy about the leg though!

maya said...


You're funny! Respect to you and Reflux.

I tuned into your blog a couple of days ago (we have the same template!)

Why not try nyc for residency--it has great teaching hospitals (my guy is at NYU), wonderful culture, and driving is actively not recommended...

trAcy said...

people in the caribbean need medical help, too! you go there and i'll move there, too (always looking for a coastal excuse).

med school is very fun on this vicarious level.

(i like the leg with reflux! it reminds me of the same kind of photo i took of my kitten, when i had a cat 20 years ago or something. the leg is so necessary, to keep the ever-wandering or the blind and deaf in place for "photo opp.")

Anonymous said...

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