Thursday, July 06, 2006

Reflux Update

As long as I'm on the hold with the STUPID, STUPID, MOTHERFUCKING DUMB ASS WANKER AT&T BASTARDS (Seriously: AT&T? What do you assholes actually DO over there?)who do not understand the concept of "appointment" beyond taking multiple appointments but not comprehending what it actually means to KEEP the appointment, I thought I would write a Reflux update. They gave me a time range of MOTHERFUCKING EIGHT AM TO FIVE PM. Like...I understand the world of repairing high speed Internet is akin to the OR but a MOTHERFUCKING NINE HOUR time range is complete bullshit. BITCHES.

Many people (well, 2) have been wondering how Reflux is faring in his new highrise home in donwtown Chicago. Well, to be honest -- he hated it. He was completely miserable here. That coupled with the fact that my building doesn' t even allow pets and I had to sneak him in and out in a big duffel bag really didn't make a happy camper out of him. I knew I couldn't keep him here and I wasn't sure what to do with him so I called some puppy adoption services in Chicago but no one could guarantee that they could find him a home or even keep him from being euthanized, and I was very reluctant to hand him off to a shelter. So I would cry, and Reflux would pee, and then I'd have to put him in the bag to take him down for a walk, and then he would try to bite me and maybe walk into a few walls.

Then, like magic, my parents found a family in Centralia who would take him (YAY!). So this past Sunday I packed up his food and water dish, and his blanket and towel, and his toy, and his fence, and all of his little possessions, and loaded him up in my parents car to drive down to Centralia. I was very weepy, sad etc. Reflux had no idea what was going on.

Yesterday I heard from his new family, who have 2 very small kids, which I was a little worried about, but they said the kids love him and that they're shy to hug him because he's so skinny and fragile. It's for the best, though, because Reflux doesn't like being hugged and he also pees when he's scared, so unless you want a urine bath, let's just give Reflux his distance. And that's the story of my baby! When I go to Centralia to see my parents I will go spend time with him and let you all know how he's doing.


BidiSmoker said...

That's like the saddest story I've ever heard. You've inspired me to adopt a dog from the shelter. Give Reflux a hug for me next time you see him.

Khakra said...

good to hear reflux is cool. at&t = red tape. you'd rather have india's telephone service