Sunday, July 16, 2006

On Friday night around 2 AM Gaya and I found ourselves at that little park near Rush and Division where the Gloria Jeans coffee stand is with 2 of our recently graduated classmates who are doing transitional internal medicine years here in Chicago.

MK: That guy over there totally looks like he has Treacher Collins.

G: Definitely some kind of chromosomal abnormality.

MK: I really want to karyotype him.

R: Is that the one with cherry red spots in the eyes?

KI: No, that's Tay Sachs.

G: It's not Lesch Nyhan?

MK: That's the one with some kind of amino acid deficiency...

KI: Purine! It's a purine deficiency!

MK and KI high five excitedly.

G and R: Silence.

MK: And that's why we're not getting laid.


Chick Pea said...

miss rupa!
missed you on friday... where were you?

had a fantastic time in your city, will definitley meet up soon

much love
the bean

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