Monday, July 10, 2006

Now that my ER night shifts are out of the way (I know -- from the way I endlessly bitched about it one of my friends actually thought I was on nights all was actually just 3 nights) I miss it! I really love ER! As much as I thought I would be the doofus med student because I'd been away for a year, it wasn't that bad. (And, uh...for ER you don't need to know too much detail about anything) This morning the attending actually told me that it was a shame I was going into ob/gyn because I'd be great at ER! My head got really big after that, until 5 minutes later when I realized he probably had me confused with the other med student on shift, another Indian woman who's pretty hard core about going into ER. (It's tough when there's more than one of us in the same room.)

Unfortch now I'm having another identity crisis where I don't know if I really want to do ob/gyn. I don't think I could say goodbye to the OR for good but being in the ER and seeing patients again made me realize how much I do love medicine. I love the excitement of a good case where you don't know what your patient has and you just want to try your hardest to figure it out so you can make them feel better again.

The only bad part about medicine is all the sort of terminal, hopeless stuff. There's a lot of that. When I was on medicine we had a patient who was admitted for rule out MI, turned out not to have an MI, fell on the way back from the bathroom one night and broke her hip, then caught pneumonia and C. Dif. [v. unpleasant hospital acquired infection involving explosive diarrhea] while she was here. Our team was happy to discharge her no sicker than she was when she came in. I'm a novice but there are some truths I'm learning. People that come to the hospital are really, really sick; usually too sick for us to do anything about it. But when someone comes in for something that we actually CAN help them with, it's the best feeling in the world. And I'm too immature to be happy without instant gratification, which is why I think I need a surgical subspecialty (with healthy young patients!). We'll see I guess. I'm doing my internal medicine sub-I soon so that'll be my chance to figure out whether I hate it or love it.

[And I'm sorry! This is all boring med crap. I knew I would get this way once I started M4 year again! Lo siento!!]

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seth said...

De nada? "got it on my 21st birthday!" lol. at least you're not a procrastinator. b.t.w. I understood about 3/4 of the post on this one, sorry. i like the posts about Darkwing better, i have to say, but then I'm a dork that way.