Saturday, July 08, 2006

I survived my first ER shift ya'll! Can I tell you something? NOTHING sucks ass worse than having to walk to the hospital at effin' TEN PM decked out in your scrub finery and short white coat flapping all over the place. Especially when you live in downtown Chicago and you pass all the girls hooched out in their going out clothes, and all the outdoor cafes with people drinking wine and having fun, and you're about to enter the bowels of the hospital and not be allowed to leave until morning. It just sucks, is all. I used to BE one of those girls!! Take me back!! TAKE ME BACK!

Anyway, I have mentioned many a time my total lack of medicine skillz, and EKGs in particular are especially weak. I have managed to deal with this problem by avoiding chest pain patients like the plague, but last night in the ER it was ALL chest pain. [By the end of the night even my intern was like...GOD I just wish we could have a car crash or stab wound or something.]

Behold the skillz [and please keep in mind I took the last year off to do GYNECOLOGY research and in so doing completely forgot everything I learned in the past 3 years]:

R: ...oh, and you can hear a pretty pronounced S2 split on this patient.

R's resident: And what EKG finding would we expect with a PARADOXICAL S2 SPLIT? I'm thinking about a BUNDLE BRANCH BLOCK.

R: Huh?

R's resident: Do you know the bundle branch blocks?

R: Um...I know of them......?

And that was pretty embarassing. Now that I'm back on the wards this is but one of many embarassing stories to come.

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