Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm trying to get all packed up before my movers get here next Wednesday because I have to spend the weekend watching Shanmugam graduate from college. My mom has kindly offered to come back to Iowa with me to help me pack, which sounds like a pretty good deal, but really I want to get all my things all taped up into boxes before she even gets into the state. There is a good reason for this: my mom will (literally) sit down in my room and go through each and every single item I own, not because she's nosy or anything, but because she hates packing and moving as much as I do and would rather throw items away than put them in boxes and carry them around. [Seriously. "Mom those are my MEDICAL SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS. Please don't throw those out."]

She will also examine photos, and when I moved to Iowa we got into a huge fight because she found a picture of me holding a glass of some suspicious-looking substance, which was, in fact, 7UP Code Red. There are several ironies here: 1) There are probably MILLIONS of legitimately incriminating photos of self which I am v. careful to put away before the p-units come by, and 2) A family photo from high school features Jagdish v. sly but surely giving the bird. This photo sat on our mantel for YEARS and neither of my parents noticed.

There was also the fact that she discovered a half-empty bottle of Absolut under my bed at my apartment in Chicago. Yeah...there was no way to pawn that one off on my roommate. Honestly though, I haven't a clue how it got there. I've never just straight up sat in bed drinking hard liquor out of the bottle. I'm not blatantly ALCOHOLIC. At least not that I can recall.

The best though, is when my dad comes to "help" move. Many dads LIVE for heavy lifting, etc; in fact, my previous roommate's dad would make like, spreadsheets to plan the move. My dad, on the other hand, insists on sitting out in the van. His official contribution to the effort is "Keeping the Van From Getting Towed." Heh. When I have kids whose shit I have to move around ad nauseum I so call that job.


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sleepy said...

:) don't you love it when your parents help you move. My mom was helping me clean out my dorm room when she found these syringes from genetics lab. For weeks after, she kept on telling me "helpful" facts about bad things that happen to people that use cocaine.

Constantine said...

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