Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hey ya'll! I am just getting used to being back in the city. Y'know, spending your youth stuck in traffic, getting your heels caught in the sewer grate, but most importantly, 24 hour liquor store in your apartment building (woo)!

So my apartment right now is a big honkin' mess, like, boxes and boxes everywhere. So, ya'll, like I said, I HATES the moving, but this year my body actually suffered a really bad reaction to it. I got ear infections in both ears and conjunctivitis in my right eye. Also I might have been making out with Reflux, because now HE has the bilateral conjunctivitis. Both of his little eyes are squinched shut and all mucousy. And, I know he was blind to begin with so his life experience is not significantly different with or without the pink eye, but while it is funny to see your blind dog smash into the furniture with his eyes wide open, for some reason it's just tragic when his eyes are squeezed shut and exuding pus. And sort of gross too. Chew on that.

In addition to an endless cesspool of boxes there is also BLOOD in my apartment. So, my movers came last Wednesday to move all of my stuff out, and in true square peg fashion I hung out with a friend until 1:30 AM before jolting up in a mad whirlwind of panic and efficiency and packing up my ENTIRE APARTMENT in about 6 hours. I'm good, ya'll. I am the procrastination MASTER. But I've had practice. Lots of it. Anyway, last Tuesday night, along with the night before the surgery shelf exam when I did all of Surgery Pre-test between the hours of 12 am and 8 am, goes down in history as one of the nights where I most wished someone would have smacked me around a little beforehand so I would understand that putting off DOZENS OF HOURS worth of work until the night before is really fucking stupid. Hi!

Where was I? Ah, yes, hepatitis on my door. (Catchy, no? A song I am penning in my head.) So in addition to all of my crap, the movers were also going to Evanston to pick up S-Rock's stuff. Because we will be the roommates, you see. I love S-Rock but if the whole moving situation was any indication of what this year will be like HE WILL DIE. Because I will have to kill him. So I was stuck lying on the floor of my empty apartment being effin' ATTACKED by bacteria from every orifice in my head and I called S-Rock to ask could he please take his ass downtown and facilitate my movers moving all of our furniture into the apartment because I was in no shape to drive 4 hours to Chicago. I could barely lift my head or form sentences.

R: Crawls to phone. Croaking. Shanmugam. You. Need. To. Panting.

S: Eeeeeeuighh...I'm tired. What do you want?

R: Effin'. Go. To. The. Apartment. Dry heaves.

S: Hey I was trying to sleep over here. Get to the point.

R: Let. In. The. Movers. Exhausted from effort of conversation, passes out.

S: Well I'm in the middle of a NAP over here and then I'm very busy watching World Cup soccer and getting drunk with my buddies so I don't think I can do that. Can't you just drive over?

So anyway, my completely, ridiculously, effin' awesome movers moved in all of my stuff and S-Rock's stuff without either of us actually being there. Unfortch they dropped a mirror and someone cut open a hand or something and now there's blood all over my door (Gaya: "Just tell me that's nail polish because I don't even want to know") and even a little on my mattress. (Yuck.) I would immediately go buy some bleach wipes but I KNOW I've got some packed in a box somewhere and the minute I go buy some I will find them in a box.

Anyway, we're off to the Cubs game in a couple of minutes, so I will update more later.

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm alive!

HELLO Internet!! I'm back in Chicago--despite a blown off tire, a case of pink eye, bilateral otitis media and an incontinent dog, I made it in one piece! [Geez Iowa I love you too, but that all starts to look desperate.] More updates to come...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Liz is over here studying for her Internal Medicine exam while I "work on my presentation." I feel like I mentally checked out last week [this happens to me at the end of every school year] but unfortch I still have a presentation to give to the division here on Friday. Damn tangible acts of responsibility.

I also met someone at a party a few nights ago who I'm supposed to be having drinks with soon. I've said many a time that on this blog I'll rarely make fun of anyone but myself and maybe Britney Spears, but some exceptions have to be made. Guy From Party (GFP) called a few nights ago to schedule the event:

GFP: talk talk talk

R: talk talk talk


R: Is everything ok over there?

GFP: Um, yeah, the smoke detector's going off.

R: Oh here, I'll let you go, I didn't realize you were making dinner.

GFP: Oh...I wasn't. My dryer broke a few days ago but I have jujitsu tonight and I didn't get around to washing my uniform until just now.

R: Unsure where this is going.

GFP: So I was trying to dry my pants in the oven.


GFP: Shoot. There goes the other alarm.

R: I wish I was around to here you explain this one to the fire department. But at least jujitsu pants are dry!

GFP: Actually they're burnt. Burnt yet wet.

R: Brilliant.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm trying to get all packed up before my movers get here next Wednesday because I have to spend the weekend watching Shanmugam graduate from college. My mom has kindly offered to come back to Iowa with me to help me pack, which sounds like a pretty good deal, but really I want to get all my things all taped up into boxes before she even gets into the state. There is a good reason for this: my mom will (literally) sit down in my room and go through each and every single item I own, not because she's nosy or anything, but because she hates packing and moving as much as I do and would rather throw items away than put them in boxes and carry them around. [Seriously. "Mom those are my MEDICAL SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS. Please don't throw those out."]

She will also examine photos, and when I moved to Iowa we got into a huge fight because she found a picture of me holding a glass of some suspicious-looking substance, which was, in fact, 7UP Code Red. There are several ironies here: 1) There are probably MILLIONS of legitimately incriminating photos of self which I am v. careful to put away before the p-units come by, and 2) A family photo from high school features Jagdish v. sly but surely giving the bird. This photo sat on our mantel for YEARS and neither of my parents noticed.

There was also the fact that she discovered a half-empty bottle of Absolut under my bed at my apartment in Chicago. Yeah...there was no way to pawn that one off on my roommate. Honestly though, I haven't a clue how it got there. I've never just straight up sat in bed drinking hard liquor out of the bottle. I'm not blatantly ALCOHOLIC. At least not that I can recall.

The best though, is when my dad comes to "help" move. Many dads LIVE for heavy lifting, etc; in fact, my previous roommate's dad would make like, spreadsheets to plan the move. My dad, on the other hand, insists on sitting out in the van. His official contribution to the effort is "Keeping the Van From Getting Towed." Heh. When I have kids whose shit I have to move around ad nauseum I so call that job.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Let's recap what's transpired in the action-packed weeks since I was regularly blogging:

-- I went to NYC during Fleet Week, which is the best possible time for a single woman to be in the city, no matter what your politics on the war are. Because men in uniform? HOT. Especially in large numbers.

-- I "graduated" from my Research Fellowship in a ceremony/barbecue they had for us at the benefactor's farm in New Jersey. I basically do even more nothing now than I used to now, barring one final presentation to my division this coming Friday. Prepare to be dazzled.

-- Jagdish left for Roanoke, Virginia, where he scrambled into transitional year. This is the first time anyone in my immediate family has left the Midwest, and I'm a little sad knowing that he's now in a different time zone and more than just a couple hours away.

-- My palm tree fell over in the family room one day while I was at work, crushing some leaves and spilling dirt everywhere. Reflux responded to the situation by pissing in the dirt, rolling around in the urine/dirt paste for a while, then taking a nap in his own piss.

-- My own original medical school class graduated. My friends are doctors! This is exciting and happy but totally scares the shit out of me too.

-- I had a birthday. Am now 24! I shy away from celebrating birthdays though, first of all because I'm usually younger than everyone around me and always have some explaining to do, and secondly because as my dad always says, "Now you're just one year closer to your DEATH."

-- It suddenly hit me that this is my last week in Iowa. I was starting to pack some stuff up yesterday [er...well, I moved some boxes up from the garage into my apartment, then had some wine and watched TV and forgot all about putting the boxes back together] and that's when it became real to me all of a sudden -- I am leaving Iowa! My year here is over. I remember at the beginning of the year thinking it would never end and being v. sad about leaving Chicago, etc, but I have grown v. fond of Iowa. And....NOOOOOOO!! I love it here!! Please don't make me go!! *sniffle* I love the program here and I love the people and I enjoyed my research and I made a few really, really awesome, great, lovely friends and now I think I want to come back here for my residency. I am sad, ya'll. [Part of it is also that I really fucking hate packing and moving. I hate heavy lifting. Moving is one of the few occasions where I wish I wasn't single.] IOWAAAA!! It grew on me. Like a fungus.

-- In the midst of all the pre-separation anxiety, I also had a mini-panic attack when I realized I'll be back on the floors in a matter of several days. My first rotation is ER, and not only could I not remember any first-line therapeutic modalities for common emergency medical situations, the only common emergency medical situation I could even think of was "heart attack." But ha ha! I know how to treat those: MONA. Morphine, Oxygen, Nitroglycerine, and ....um, Aspirin. Which Liz had to tell me once, and then I had to look up myself again just now.

-- World Cup 2006 started. I don't know much about sports in general, but soccer holds my attention pretty nicely. And the last World Cup was 4 years ago right at the end of my senior year of college which brings back some nice memories.

-- My younger brother Shanmugam is graduating from college this Friday and will be starting medical school at my school this fall (!!). And this means ... he's going to be my roommate next year. I know, ya'll. If I keep the blog going I'll keep you updated on this crisis.

Additionally, I was going over a paper with two of the attendings here in the division yesterday and attempting to be professional and knowledgeable-seeming, when my paper cup I was drinking water out of came apart in my mouth. Bits of paper were swirling around in my mouth and water was dribbling down the front of my shirt and I could not think of a polite way to disengage from the conversation so I just ate the paper cup bits.

And ... now that I'm resuming medical school I'm considering taking this blog down. I'll have a bit less time to keep it updated, and likely less exciting stuff happening, but this is mostly because so many ridiculous things happen on the wards that I would be tempted to share these stories with you, Internet, but that's like, unethical, or something. So, and this is a problem many medical students face, if I wasn't allowed to talk about school, I pretty much have nothing to talk about. Maybe I'll keep it up for a few weeks and see how it goes. In the meantime, wish me luck! I'm packing. And drinking.