Friday, May 05, 2006

I went to the Vietnamese salon where I go get my nails done to get waxed today. I LOVE getting waxed here because it's SO CHEAP. The only downside to getting waxed at the Vietnamese nail salon is that unlike at, say, the Aveda salon, they put you in a chair right out in front and wax you out there right in front of everyone. And unfortunately, this particular nail salon is located in a mall so everyone walking by can see you getting de-yetified. (Whatever, I see you shopping at Payless, POSER.)

I was getting waxed today by my absolute favorite nail artist (AFNA) and she likes to smear wax on my face, immediately affix the strips, then walk off and chat with the other nail artists, leaving me with little paper strips stuck all over my face. (My favorite part!) Today she stuck the strips on then gave me a long appraising look:

AFNA: You know what? You have very pretty eyes.

R: Would normally respond in "Aw shucks" fashion but has accidentally inhaled those thready strings of wax before when trying to speak while getting waxed so keeps quiet.

AFNA: You know who you look like? You look like...

R: Loves this game. The best one so far has been "Tara Reid" but in their defense this was during my "identity crisis" in college when I lost 20 lb, dyed my hair auburn and wore grey contacts. Ugh.



AFNA: I mean, that Indian girl who was on Oprah. The girl who was trying to put Indian clothes on Oprah.

R: I DO NOT look like Aishwarya Rai. Maybe the backs of our heads look similar, on a good day. A REALLY good day. I'm flattered nonetheless. That's so sweet, but I really don't look anything like her.

AFNA: Steps back and reconsiders for a nanosecond. Yeah, you're right. You don't. Not even a little.

R: Slightly miffed. I mean, it was just the LIGHTNING-FAST speed which she arrived at that conclusion. Well, um, I mean, of course NOT RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY SECOND IN TIME because I've got little paper strips stuck all over my face and haven't blow-dried my hair but maybe when the strips -- OWWW!!

AFNA: Quickly pulls all strips off.

AFNA: Nope. Still don't.


BidiSmoker said...

it's OK. no real people look like Ash. You look pretty good in the pics.

Chai said...

seriously, that is why i love the beauty salon. they tell you how it is.

cookiemonsta said...

funny :)