Thursday, May 04, 2006

I spent the day yesterday making all kinds of plans for when I return to Chicago in about 6 weeks. First I had to call my advisor to get the green light on my M4 schedule. Your advisor is probably the only person you can and should be brutally honest with in medical school about all your shortcomings. Unfortunately, this means conversations with your advisor tend to be sort of painful, like picking at a scab. My scab is that I'm going into a surgical subspecialty and yet have an embarassingly pathetic grade on my surgery rotation.

I emailed her my CV and a cold hard summary of all my grades and test scores and then a list of about 10 different residency programs I think I would be happy at. I was v. excited to hear her say that I definitely had a shot at all of those programs. I even broached the subject of [Big Fancy University on West Coast] Hospital and she said definitely do a rotation there! However, in classic fashion, it seems I've missed the application deadline for summer externships. Oops. I do kind of like when these tough decisions get made for me though.

My advisor did make an intriguing comment though. "I think the further you are from Chicago, the more desirable an applicant you are." Which sort of felt like a "jellyfish" a la Bridget Jones. Like, you're floating along all tranquil and happy and then all of a sudden you're stung and you're not sure where it came from. Fucking jellyfish.

I also had to arrange to finish up my MPH degree with a big year-long public health research project I have to put together myself. I got in touch with a Rad Onc breast cancer specialist at my school who's worked with some MPH students. She called me on my cell phone last night and was talking to me about all these projects she wants to do in diseases that are understudied by the onc community, including anal cancer. "There's a big hole in anal cancer." Heh.

HATE: The mumps. We have a few college students enrolled in my study and unfortunately they've all been quarantined with the mumps and can't finish my study so now there's a big hole in my data.

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oodles said...

Dude, you're getting your MPH? COOL!