Monday, May 22, 2006

Dr. Jagdish

I'm back! I'm waiting for a load of laundry to finish up so I can pack for my weeklong trip to NY! Jagdish's graduation was legitimate ya'll, he is actually a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL now. What's funny is that they actually give out a nice leather portfolio with no diploma inside but rather a slip of paper explaining that they'll mail the diplomas out later. We'll see, Jagdish. WE'LL SEE.

I was remarking to J about how anti-climactic the whole thing was, like, you stress out about some stupid exams and them let them run you to the ground for a while, which all takes its toll on your mental health, self esteem, sense of self worth etc. [And maybe more importantly your weight, skin, youthful glow etc]. You'd think at the end of it all you'd get a high five or something on the way out but really all you get is sort of a shrill reminder to go return your rental cap and gown and get out of here because the law school is graduating at 4. Jagdish said he was actually hoping for a life-sized poster of himself he could run through. AWESOME. I'll keep that in mind for when I graduate next year.

In a completely unexpected turn of events my parents were running horribly late to graduation and asked me and Shanmugam, who had just flown in for the afternoon, to go to the theater and save 8 seats between the two of us. Try as I might, I just cannot be that pushy grandma who can singlehandedly save 11 seats with a cardigan and a handbag. I always cave in under the slightest bit of pressure. Thus we ended up on the far left hand side right underneath the stage.

My sole, singular duty at graduation was to take a picture of Jagdish being hooded and/or receiving fake diploma. Let's see how those turned out.

Hmm...not so good. It's a good thing my dad anticipated my failure and had already walked to the other side of the auditorium so he could fully capture Jagdish in all his graduating professional glory.

Later we took family pictures.

It's like, completely impossible to take a picture of the five of us where we don't all look like we're completely drunk/stoned/about to kill something. Or maybe that's just me.

I then went to Centralia for the weekend. Along with 30 Indian channels, we get all of the Cinemax, Showtimes, and HBO channels at my house; we've had all those for as long as I can remember. Yet for some reason, when I was flipping around I found that a "Parental Lock" had been newly placed. On the Nickelodeon channel, inexplicably. I can't even begin to try to explain the rationale behind this.


Anon Y Mous said...

Nope. Just you. Pic looks good!

gautham said...

what kind of indian are you?

trAcy said...

congrats to j!

i hate having to take photos at "events" like these, when all you really want to do is be mushy and proud, not have to save seats, elbow up to photo-appropriate places, knowing full well that things go so fast at these graduations and the lighting is so random that it's all for nought anyway.

Anonymous said...

is that you on the left? Are you taller than your brothers?

Baldwin said...

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