Monday, May 15, 2006

Behold the power of EtOH.

So sparkly! And jolly! Maybe a bit drunk. But fully clothed!

Erm...right then.

That was a fun night. Actually, later we went to Wet and I forgot how much I hate (HATE!) standing in line for a club. At that instant, I actually missed Iowa City! To be honest though, usually we're way too unambitious to go to clubs where we think there might be waiting, or crowdedness, or basically anything that hinders my functioning laziness, which is why we usually end up going to the same 3 places over and over again. People visit Chi and always want to go to the "hot spots" (read: SOUNDBAR, which, if I ever have to go there again, someone might die) and I feel sort of lame because I'd much rather sit home in my sweatpants drinking spiked Crystal Light and watching Conan.


Anonymous said...


BidiSmoker said...

yeah seriously, what does that stand for? Also, interesting second picture. Is that someone you know?

square peg said...

Alcohol! And yeah, those dudes were actually with us -- the one is my friend's boyfriend, and the other is my other friend', big complicated problem.