Friday, April 28, 2006

That's just f'in' gross.

During micro we learned about a particular parasite called Enterobius vermicularis, the pinworm. The pinworm causes anal pruritus. I remember this really well because the powerpoint slide accompanying that tidbit of knowledge was a photo of a kid scratching his butt. [Biochemistry? All a hazy unpleasant blur. But if they would have thrown in a picture of someone scratching their butt I would have remembered the urea cycle forever!]

The female pinworm migrates to the anus and emerges at night to lay eggs. (I also seem to recall a really stupid mnemonic about how the female drives an entero-BUS to the anus at night.) There was also a picture of an anal prolapse covered in little white pinworms and someone made the comment that "it looks like coconut cake" and I just wanted to say THANKS ASSHOLE because I love shredded coconut on my sweets and now I can never eat it again.

My point is the New England Journal of Medicine has posted a colonoscopy video featuring a whole lot of pinworms in some dude's cecum. It's pretty cool but I wouldn't watch this during or in close proximity to a meal.


Kristina said...

I watched it. It's car wreck good.... I was as fascinated by the movement of the worms as I was the innards of the dude with the camera in his nether regions!!

ads said...

Dude! I don't know what I was expecting, but that was definitely f'in' gross.

Khakra said...

argh, ugh, that's exactly why I was my hands every 5 minutes, no pinworm for me in anything

Mrs. Bickerson said...

Eww. I remember having to take some liquid medicine that looked like blood and tasted like iron when I was a kid. My entire family had to take the medicine to rid our house of the dreaded pinworm or whatever. My poor dad drank half a bottle of the stuff and puked before he realized he was supposed to have the pill form.

Found your blog by searching Iowa City. We are from there. :-)

Anonymous said...

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