Saturday, April 15, 2006

So yay, the weather's gorgeous again.

We really lucked out in my neighborhood. The first tornado entered Iowa City at the intersection of Hwy 1 and 218 (100 yards from my house!) and instead of going south went west, along Hwy 1, ripping up buildings along the way. My apartment faces south so I didn't have any idea how bad it was, but my neighbors facing north said their windows were all rattling like crazy. In fact, motorists on the way highway pulled over and ran to the little BP station a half block over to take cover. The BP people said they housed 100 people and 3 dogs as the twister went by.

I didn't realize this was happening, but I was driving home from Best Buy and I knew we were in trouble so I parked my car in the garage and ran inside as fast as I could. It seriously came out of nowhere -- like, the sky was clear and beautiful when I left to go shopping, it started drizzling when I was in the parking lot, which became a full blown thunderstorm by the time I picked up my computer and left, it started hailing on the way home and that's when news came of all the tornado sightings. As I was coming into my apartment to get Reflux and go downstairs, the trapdoor to my attic flew open by itself and my doors and windowframes were all rattling. I honestly thought the roof was being ripped off. When things calmed down I took a picture:

I also went outside to look at the bed of hail. I picked up one, um, hailstone (?) and brought it inside to document how big it was. So, keeping in mind that this was 10-15 minutes after it fell, then another 5 minutes in my sweaty palm coming inside, and then another 2 minutes as I ran around my apartment trying to find something to put it next to to accurately document its GIGANTIC ENORMITY.

Um...ok, so it doesn't look particularly impressive here. But it was YOOGE.

I drove around Iowa City yesterday and I wanted to take pictures but I felt really bad. First, there were so many people out already taking picture, and I felt like we were all just getting in the way of people trying to put things back together again. Secondly, so many people lost their businesses and homes and I felt really skeezy taking pictures of that.

Obviously, things have quieted down a lot since then but I just want to point out one thing. Aren't animals supposed to have sixth sense and know when these things are coming, and lead us to safety etc? Reflux had remained calmly passed out through the entire storm (ON A BED OF WIRES, no less) and actually growled at me when I picked him up to go downstairs. ["Natural selection," -- Christine]


trAcy said...

maybe reflux's survival sense is super-strong. (he found you, after all.) he was like, "that tornado is going to miss us by a whole block, no need to panic."

btw, wow, he's like a whole other kind of dog without the hair. i like him fluffy, but he seems cleaner this new way, with the silly poodly ears.

sleeping on wire bed! hmm, maybe he was hoping for a frankenstein-electro surge to jumpstart his re-youthification.

square peg said...

T - Ha!! That's definitely the best take on it I've heard so far.

Chai said...

wow! i can't believe it was that close. dude, global warming is a bitch.