Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Keep your bedroomslippers at home.

I would just like to bring your attention to an email the hospital administration sent to all of us yesterday:

I saw my first pair of flip flops in the hall last week so it must be spring. As we begin the third spring with our Professional Appearance Policy, I want to remind you that anyone wearing a UI Hospitals and Clinics ID badge is required to comply with the policy. As a manager you are responsible for assuring that your staff members comply with all workplace policies.

The Professional Appearance Policy includes a provision for some flexibility for supervisors. However, as noted in the second sentence, supervisors do not have the latitude to allow staff to wear items addressed in Sections III, IV, and V of the Professional Appearance Policy. This means at no time may staff wear items such as blue denim jeans, flip flops, bedroom slippers, sweatpants, tank tops, halter tops, or clothing that leaves the midriff or back exposed or exposes undergarments. For example, even as a fund-raiser for a worthy cause, a supervisor cannot allow staff to wear swimsuits to work.

Ok. The other things I can SORT of understand that you might accidentally wear; like, you might have a nice camisole under your cardigan on a hot day, or a top that scoops low in the back or something, but under what circumstances would ANYONE think it's ok to wear bedroom slippers and sweatpants to work? If they HAD TO TELL US it's not ok, it probably means someone's done it before. I bet it was a med student who overslept.

And also, University of Iowa has the most relaxed dress code I've ever seen in my life. They give everyone a copy when you start working here, and there's a special addendum that says blue jeans are not allowed, but denim of other colors are acceptable as dress pants. This struck me as hilariously funny. Does anyone even wear colored jeans anymore? They do in Iowa. (And probably a lot of other places.) I've seen many a pair of black or pastel-colored jeans running around these hallways.

And also, wearing a swimsuit to work sounds like my idea of my worst nightmare. I don't care how good the cause is.

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