Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How I Met My Dog, Part 1

I talk about my dog all the time, and sometimes I've mentioned the more traumatic aspects of his past, but today I would like to share the story of How Reflux and I First Met, or How I Became Immune to the Odor of Bacterial Vaginosis. (You're welcome.)

When I found out I'd be spending this year in Iowa I envisioned this Iowan lifestyle of Spartan self-disciple where I would rise with the sun, go work out at the gym before work, spend my day earnestly researching my heart out then come home and go running in the evenings and maybe train for the '06 Chicago Marathon. (Ok those of you that know me can all STOP LAUGHING NOW. Because I was serious about it at first. For like 2 seconds. But still. It's the thought that counts.)

But in all the dreams of those long-distance runs through the beautiful Iowan countryside, there was something unusual: I couldn't get the image of a big gorgeous dog at my side out of my head. So I got the idea that I really, really wanted a dog, and I would adopt one when I got to Iowa. I wanted a nice big dog that I could exercise with, and of course a big dog is always good for protection, and it would be my best friend and I would love her forever.

I envisioned something like this:

Or this:

And....instead, somehow, I ended up with this:

And Ok, I admit, I did purposely pick out a photo of Reflux that made him look like a total weenie, but that's pretty much what he looks like all the time.

To be continued...


PupSpot said...

Reflux is cute!!!

Hi my name is Tom and I wanted to invite you to enter Reflux into our Pup of The Month Contest.

We accept all breeds including muts.

We are a community of dog lovers.

This site is brand new so there aren't many pictures yet but in time I think that it is going to be a success.

Once you have uploaded Reflux's picture into the gallery you will be able to send an Ecard with reflux's Photo right in the middle!

You can also tell every one you know to vote for Reflux because he will have his own special place for votes!

I hope you and reflux will join us!



oodles said...

I hope you enter Reflux in the contest!
And now, back to bacterial vaginosis. My roommate was abbreviating a school name to BV the other day and I kept thinking "bacterial vaginosis? bacterial vaginosis?"

Admin said...

Nice name for your baby, REflux! Hope to see more pictures in the future.

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