Sunday, April 02, 2006

Easy like Sunday morning

I came back to IC last night around 9. Garani, Suchi and I crashed at Gaya and Grace's apartment on Friday night around 4 after a mildly thrilling evening at the Hunt Club. Garani's flight back to DC was at noon and I had these grandiose plans of waking up early, taking her to the airport, then driving back to Iowa so I could work on this abstract that's due Monday at midnight. Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I didn't wake up until around 1:30 pm. I was soo tempted to stay on for another night so I could see Lori too but after a very late brunch at the Original Pancake House I decided to just drive back to Iowa. But mmm.. eggs sunny side up. I'm so catching Staph one of these days from raw egg yolk but it's a price I'm willing to pay.

When I got in last night I realized I had nothing in my fridge so I went to the grocery store to pick up some food. I went straight for the frozen food section to load up on Lean Cuisine, but the grocers are bastard people. They've strategically placed the frozen dinners right by the ice cream section, so I COULDN'T HELP but notice that the Ben and Jerry's were 2/$5. I realize it somewhat defeats the purpose to eat both Lean Cuisines and Ben and Jerry's but I CAN'T RESIST THE DEAL. I would buy anything as long as I felt like I was getting a bargain.

I also went buy the dog food aisle because we're all out. In fact I had to drop Reflux off early at the vet's on Wednesday because I didn't have anything to feed him. The 18lb bags of Beneful were on sale, and the price was 3.7 cents an ounce. The bag expires in November and it would take Reflux about 3 years to eat 18lb of chow, so I looked for the 9lb bags but this grocery store doesn't carry those. The next smaller size was 3lb, and the price was 6.8 cents an ounce. Again, NOT BEING ABLE TO RESIST A DEAL I bought the larger bag. (Good thing the 30lb-er wasn't on sale.) It's ok if Reflux gets fat, in fact I buy the puppy formula for him because I think he has anorexia of the elderly. The puppy formula is filled with gluten and whatnot so he can eat less and weigh more.

The grocery store is a sad and scary place on a late weekend night. There was only one checkout line open and the dude in front of me was buying EIGHT boxes of those patriotic rocket popsicles, along with a fifth of 5 o'clock vodka, the cheapest of them all. Seriously, I would use that stuff as nail polish remover because it's probably cheaper. It's so generic I can't even find it online to link to it. I wondered what sort of evening he had planned for himself. Course, I probably looked like a sad, strange, lonely girl with my basket of lean cuisines, ben and jerry's, and econo-sized bag of dog food.

I'm starting to put myself to sleep with this post. *yawn*

Just watched: North Country. I really wanted to go find someone to smack around for a while after I saw this movie. That's an emotion I haven't felt since I watched Dogville.


punchberry said...

The worst is when they close all of the actual registers late at night, and force everyone into the self checkout lane. Three geriatric technophobes and two hours later, you get to scan your own items and check yourself out. It is very efficient.

Robert said...

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