Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back in IC after spending last night in Chicago! The main purpose of this trip was my uncle's surprise 60th birthday party, which my parents came up for also. I used this event as another reason to go see my friends afterward.

If I could add a sound clip to this picture it would be my mom yelling at me for being 2 hours late to the party and missing the surprise altogether while my dad yells at my brother for wearing "pajamas" to the party, followed by my aunt telling us all to shut up and look happy for 2 seconds. I like my dad's expression. To me it says "DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A MOMENT I WANT TO REMEMBER?"

These are my cousins Jayson and Justin. Jayson has this new trick where he knows all of the state capitals and he wanted me to quiz him.

R: Uh...South Dakota?

J: Pierre!

R: Wouldn't even know if this was right or not. Good job! North Dakota?

J: Bismarck!

Game continues in this fashion for several more states until R can't remember any more state names.

R: That's all of them, yep, you got 'em all!

J: NUH UNHHH You forgot VERMONT, and RHODE ISLAND, and WYOMING, and NEW HAMPSHIRE and lists several more.

R's brother: Sounds like you could play this game all by yourself.

Before that we had tea at the Hotel Intercontinental. I had Darjeeling.


After that I met up with Maria and Gaya and we went to Motel Bar for someone's birthday. We moved to Sonotheque after that, a place I haven't been to since an extremely inebriated night M2 year following an exam. It was Drum and Bass night meaning they were playing Jungle Music, which is really fast mix of electronic and hip-hop or reggae. (And how lame did I feel when I had to look it up in an encyclopedia later because I had no idea what it was but I liked it. Kinda like in Office Space when the software progammers are trying to launder the money but aren't exactly sure what that means so they have to look up money laundering in the dictionary.)

After that we were all starving so we went to the 24 hour Clarke's on Belmont.

Jin passed out waiting for the food to come.

And then I came home!
Reflux and I celebrated this gorgeous spring day by taking extra-long naps.

'Sup shorty. You got a man?


mcr said...

And what kind of pajamas was your Dad wearing??? Hehehe... Sorry, I couldn't resist after I saw that vibrant sweater and your brother's jeans aka pj's..

square peg said...

That sweater is standard-issue for every Indian dad above the age of 50.

BidiSmoker said...

Haha, my Dad also rocks a similar sweater. It's amazing how they all managed to convey their unique style across the ocean. You brighten the picture up considerably though :-)

Perceval said...

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