Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You're off suicide watch, thanks.

I'm feeling much better. I had a very long phone conversation with Garani last night discussing what exactly it is that we're doing (and why is it so damn hard to schedule rotations) and I'm a little jealous that she gets to fly in to Chicago tonight in time for match day! (Though, I suppose, if I would have gotten my shit together and finished all my work over the past 4 days INSTEAD OF DOING NOTHING then I would be able to do so as well.)

I have a lot of writing to do today. (This might be the first time I've said that all year.) Anytime I feel like I've put everything off to the last second, I always hearken back to spring quarter of my sophomore year of college when I wrote a 22-page research paper about miscegenation laws and their impact on future American race identity between the hours of 1:30 - 7:50am. (It's so sad that my greatest moment of inspiration has come from a terrible instance of severe procrastination, laziness, and panic.)

And, in other news, I was distractedly on the phone while I was walking my dog yesterday and must have been standing still in one place for too long because my dog mistook me for a tree stump and peed all over my leg. I didn't even notice until we came back inside and was like, hm, my left pant leg appears to be wet OH MY GOD THAT IS DOG URINE.


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square peg said...

They were black. But my dog is blind anyway. What does it mean if they're red?

David G said...

where'd you match?