Sunday, March 26, 2006

Steal some cover, share some skin.

My friends just left to go back to Chicago after a v. glamorous and thrilling weekend in Iowa City. Sit down for this one -- they were actually talking about COMING BACK in a few weekends.

On Friday night we went to Verdi, this laid back lounge-y place. It's pretty nice for Iowa City but it always feels so empty. There are this big comfy couches all along the side and tons of tables, and I guess anytime I go out and have absolutely no problems getting a table or a drink, it just feels empty.

Grace was in total shock because we ordered a round of drinks (1 cosmo and 2 Stolis) and the total was $8.50. I had my "Iowa City is so much cheaper than Chicago or pretty much any place in the whole world" epiphany months ago when I first moved here, but Grace asked the bartender if he meant "per person." (See??? THAT is why it's so easy to get wasted here.)

I wish things wouldn't close so early here though. We left when Verde closed at 2 then came home and watched Dark Water which was absolutely NOT scary or suspenseful at all, but rather crashingly boring and promptly put me to sleep in the manner of which no form of media since this book from 2nd year has.

So I was snoring on the couch but Grace and Gaya were both hiding behind pillows watching this movie. In fact, they have problems watching scary movies and kept waking me up and demanding that I watch the screen and tell them what was happening because it was apparently too scary for them to watch.

So this was how it went:

Grace: WAKE UP!! Watch the movie and tell us what's happening.

R: Waking up in a daze. Uh....what? Um..that girl is walking down a hallway and...there's water coming out some door.

Gaya: OH MY GOD! That must be the apartment where blah blah blah. R fell asleep 10 minutes in and as such has no idea what the movie is about.

R: Falls back asleep.

Grace: WAKE UP!! What's happening now?

R: Jolted out of snore. Um..some girl is in some tank of water...and I think she's dead. That's a cute top though. Oh wait her eye just opened.


I guess the movie finally ended, and I still have no idea what it was about.

I have an extra bedroom and 2 comfy couches in the living room and thought there would be plenty of space to sleep. I think my friends were a little freaked out after the movie though and insisted that we all sleep together. In the same bed. So we slept horizontally across the bed so all of us would fit. Then Reflux wandered in and fell asleep right beside the bed too. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and it sort of made me feel like I was in India again, though I'm not sure why.

And there was no skin-sharing, but my computer's mp3 player is busted and refuses to recognize any song except Sunday Morning so it's sort of stuck in my head.


machra said...

i'm so sorry i missed out on all the fun!!! i looked at properties all weekend- fri-sun. anyways, what's up with the G's getting all freaked out w/ scarey movies! i think they like the excitement of being surrounded by cornfields:0

square peg said...

We missed you! We'll tear it up another time in Iowa ;)

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