Friday, March 24, 2006

Sobre de mi perro, segunda parte

I just returned to work after a 90 minute lunch break where I ran home and picked up my dog MERE MOMENTS before the landlord came in to show my apartment. I know. Living on the edge. Live fast, die young. Though I say live fast and die old. Because I'm not one to play by "the rules."

And this is the excitement so far today. Although Gaya and Grace are actually RENTING A CAR in Chicago and DRIVING TO IOWA to visit me this weekend. To be honest I'm touched beyond words. I love my friends! They would leave the greatest city in the world to come and visit me in the middle of frozen midwestern nowhere. (Maria was going to come too but last weekend she made the sort of unpleasant discovery that she's allergic to my dog.) Now if only I could get them to read my blog.

Reflux accompanied me to Chicago last weekend. On Friday night Maria got home before I did and was apparently alarmed to find my dog inconsolably howling. Reflux's sad howling of loneliness and despair is quite loud and apparently sounds like a woman having some raunchy sex, because Maria thought she was hearing someone gettin' some as she walked down the hall. Only to discover, of course, that it was only Reflux.

I felt terrible when I got home and heard this because Jess had gone to bed early that night and I was afraid Reflux had kept her up with all his noise. The next morning I began to apologize to her for it, "Jess, did my dog keep you up last night? I am so sorry -- he gets really scared when he's by himself in the dark." And Jess responded that she hadn't heard a peep from the dog but "the neighbors were having sex SO LOUD that I kept banging on the wall and screaming at them to shut up!"

The truth is I don't mind Iowa. I've just gotten used to the convenience of the city, I think. Take for instance, going out. In Chicago you can drink as much as you want and catch a cab at any time. You never need to worry about designated drivers or how you're going to get home BLAH BLAH BLAH all that nonsense that is so PLAYED OUT in Iowa. Here in Iowa if you're too drunk to drive yourself home you have to stay over at your friend's who lives closeby, and of course you're 3 sheets to the wind, and now you've lent yourself to all sorts of potentially awkward future moments.

And now let us never speak of this again.


MaChRa said...

OK- so I thought it was a woman coming, but Jess thought it was a man- who just wouldn't stop!!!! Is there something else we don't know about Reflux, Rups??? (A. is wondering...)

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