Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm back!

I went to Chicago this weekend to celebrate the match with my friends. I'm so happy for them! Everyone matched awesomely. (Although this does sort of put the pressure on us next year to not suck.) I'm not particularly sentimental about my class but it does sort of feel like a chapter in my life is closing. Well, not MY life per se because I still have to go back and finish my 4th year but ... damn, I'm just starting to feel a little more like a real grown-up I guess. I don't think I like it.

I made an unhappy discovery on Friday night that I had accidentally packed mismatched going-out shoes. I guess that's what happens when you have 2 pairs of beige pointy-toed shoes. But that meant that on Saturday I got to go shopping for a new pair of shoes! I think in Iowa I've gotten used to shopping by myself or doing anti-social Internet shopping so it felt really weird to go shopping with other people. I felt like I'd sort of forgotten how to offer my opinion in a tactful but constructive way.


Usually at yoga the music playing is New Age-y Enya type stuff or sitar plucking, but last night it was Brian McKnight, Marvin Gaye, and U2 of all things. I think the instructor was like, fuck relaxation, we're gonna listen to my mix tape. I actually thought it made yoga more fun. Rocking to "Beautiful Day" helps distract your mind from the intense pain of 2 minutes in the pigeon pose.

Just watched: The Constant Gardener. I really liked this movie, but I sort of felt like the director had ADHD. The cuts were really jumpy and I almost went looking for the Dramamine during that whole scene in the train.


David G said...

movie got boring in the second half

Rohin said...

Hallooooo! Just returned from your big fat country. This matching system sounds nuts. I want to sit here and act smug saying that all our firms and rotations are allocated in a far smarter manner. But then again our first year jobs aren't. I'm OK but hundreds of people have been screwed, my paper's been covering it extensively - worse than all this matching business!

square peg said...

Welcome back Bongsie! :) Hope you found the States to your liking. (Next time you should pop by Iowa!!) Let me know when your paper finishes its feature -- you European folk have such different medical training than us, I can't even imagine what it would be like to go into medicine without going to college first, though I suppose it's probably just as fun.