Thursday, March 23, 2006

All about my perro.

I got a voicemail yesterday from my landlord saying he's showing my apartment (where I'm not supposed to have dogs, and probably especially not those of the geriatric sort suffering from urinary incontinence) today between 2-2:30. I also happen to have a very friendly neighbor with 2 cats who is partial to deaf and blind doggies. I was sort of afraid that if I left Reflux at her apartment for the day the cats might attack him but I was pretty desperate so I knocked on her door last night and again this morning to see if she could offer him some refuge but she seems to be out of town! Boo. (And then at work they called me AGAIN and said they're showing my apartment tomorrow at noon. WHY?? Stop it you assholes! Leave me be, I say! LEAVE ME BE! In general I sort of like it when they show my apartment because it makes me clean up and vaccuum and practice good hygiene and stop being such a caveman in general but they've never shown my apartment during the week before.)

So I'll have to dodge out of work around 1:30 and take Reflux for an extra long walk while they look at my apartment.

In other dog-related news, last night I left all my dirty clothes in an untidy heap on the bathroom floor as I often do and was reading in bed when I suddenly heard a commotion from the bathroom: Reflux scuttling around panickedly followed by a THUD and a loud yelp. Alarmed, I rushed out to see what the problem was, and he'd apparently been attacked by a bra that I'd left lying on the floor. He got all of his paws tangled around in the straps, got freaked out in manner of antelope being massacred by lion, tried to run away from it and bonked headfirst into a wall.


Passerby said...

Am I a very bad person if I feel slightly aroused by the second half of your post?

Khakra said...

hope me buddy reflux is doing better now. he's the charlie chaplin of all pooches