Friday, March 31, 2006


Stealing a page out of Oodle's blog, we're playing Name That Tune!! today. So basically, set your iPod to shuffle, then list the first line of the first 20 songs down there. Guess the song title and artist without the aid of Google and you will win my undying adoration and affection. Not that you didn't already have it, lovely blog readers! All both of you.

Disclaimer: I don't own an iPod, so my friend has loaned her iPod towards the cause of my blog. And by her own admission her "songs are retarded." I'm not sure what that means.

1. On my way, up north, up on the Ventura ... A Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos, v. good Brimful!

2. Children behave...that's what they say when we're together... I think we're alone now by Tiffany. Nicely done by ads.

3. At last, my love has come along... At last by Etta James. Score 2 for ads.

4. It's easier not to be wise, and measure these things by your brains... Another one for Brimful. I alone by Live.

5. Close your eyes, give me your hand, darlin'... Eternal Flame by the Bangles. Strong work, oodles.

6. Homeboy, I came to party, your girl was lookin' at me...

7. People, gansters and pimps people, smoking that reefer people...

8. If it weren't for your immaturity, none of this would have happened... oodles got the artist Alanis, Brimful knew the title: Hands Clean.

9. Oh my my my, I'm feeling high...

10. I got a bad disease, but from my brain is where I bleed...

11. When you're on a holiday, you can find the words to say...

12. It could all be so simple, but (baby baby baby) you'd rather make it hard... Ex-factor by Lauryn Hill, ads goes for the hat trick.

13. Rainstorms... take me away from the norm...

14. "What'd you forget?" "Got a light?" Would you light my candle? from Rent. Oodles is a gal after my own heart.

15. You can do it, put your back into it... Ice Cube - Put your back into it. Nice one, ads.

16. You think that I go home at night, take off my clothes turn out the light...

17. When you were here before, couldn't look you in the eye... Radiohead - Creep. Ads is going for a record.

18. Took you from ghetto to class, I done hold your glass...

19. Met a girl, thought she was grand... She Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd. This game is too easy for Ads.

20. It's not...what you thought...when you first began it... Hat trick for Brimful! Wise up by Aimee Mann.

Also, when I was doing this, the darling iPod happened to shuffle to songs (and my friend's taste in music is in fact not retarded but rather v. superfantastic) I completely love and this took me about 3 hours to do because I had to listen to each song over and over again. Another disclaimer: my friend listens to a lot of the Pixies, the Eels, the Shins, Dashboard Confessional, the Renters, and Deathcab for Cutie, and I don't really know any of those songs so I kept skipping them, because my taste in music runs towards the trashy.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Strong work

I just returned to Gaya's apartment after the poster session at the conference today. Y'all can stop holding your breath -- as predicted, the square peg and her loser poster won no awards in their category.

As I was bitching to Garani after the poster session, we do research full time this year and yet successfully managed to win no awards. FULL. TIME. And we're competing with OTHER medical students, who probably mostly do research in all the spare time they have in between q4 call nights and studying for Boards. I was assigned to a spot right by Arjun, an M2 at my school. The judge came by and humored me by asking me about my research then said "Good luck" and moved on to Arjun's where they listened rapturously as he described ... uh, some sort of odd financial analysis/inpatient outcomes study he did with the medical director of [university hospital], gushed effusively over his poster, then called over another judge so they could all fully appreciate Arjun's poster together. "Excellent work!" "Outstanding poster!" And he ended up winning Honorable Mention.

Ok, so Arjun already has his MBA and has been on the hospital administration's payroll for over a year now (on top of being a med student. I know. Some people need to be shot.) But Arjun got all "Excellent!"s and "Outstanding!"s and I got "Good luck." That's like not even getting an E for Effort! It's like being told you have special needs.

Also, I understand that most research is so highly specialized that unless you're actually in the field it's far too obscure to appreciate, but did everyone HAVE to avoid my poster like the plague? I stood attentively beside my poster with a smile plastered on my face trying to look engaging and knowledgeable, attempting eye contact with anyone walking by. Look at me!!! Let me teach you something!! Please? One guy stopped by and I immediately swooped in to explain PCOS and its metabolic complications but turns out he really only wanted directions to the buffet. I do look sort of manic when I smile too big though. Maybe that was my problem.

Some of the research was just incredible though. I'm always very impressed with what medical students accomplish, especially when I find out that they're not doing research fellowships, and have just managed to pull this together ON TOP of being active med students.

Though, the cynical part of me sort of believes (er.. KNOWS) that many times only a portion of the work has been done by the medical student while the bulk of the work is done by the lab, and the techs, and the PI. Most PIs are generous and so established in their careers that they're willing to give a first authorship to a desperate medical student who needs some juju on her CV. I guess that was the one thing I have going with my research projects: it might all be crappy shit, but it's all MY OWN crappy shit.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Talk about birth control

Katie Holmes, victim of neverending gestation, is due soon.

Per Scientology beliefs, she must
“Be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable.”
In fact, other Scientologists have started leaving giant cards for her outside her house to not make any noise during childbirth. According to Scientology, it's traumatic for both mom and baby to hear mom make noise during birth.
They think it can cause “psychic” damage, which takes years of therapy to overcome.
YOU ARE SCIENTOLOGISTS. I think THAT is where the psychic damage is coming from, you stupid assholes. I'd like to see Tom Cruise pass a grapefruit through his penile urethra and keep quiet about it. And I hope Katie Holmes gets postpartum depression. And that vitamins and exercise don't help.

I'm not done bitching yet.


Britney Spears is the new posterchild of the pro-life movement.
Dedication of the life-sized statue celebrates the recent birth of Spears' baby boy, Sean, and applauds her decision of placing family before career. "A superstar at Britney's young age having a child is rare in today's celebrity culture. This dedication honors Britney for the rarity of her choice and bravery of her decision."
I motherfucking KNOW, ya'll. (I could make a ton of smartass comments about how she could actually be the posterchild for the pro-choice movement but I'll refrain.) She is on a bearskin rug (clutching the head, for fucks sakes) and supposedly from the rear view you can see Sean Preston crowning, but for the life of me I haven't been able to find it on the Internet despite several furtive hours of search. Even more than the ridiculousness of the sculpture itself is the fact that THE WOMAN HAD AN ELECTIVE CESAREAN SECTION. ELECTIVE. MOTHERFUCKING. C-SECTION.

It ... just ... wow.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Steal some cover, share some skin.

My friends just left to go back to Chicago after a v. glamorous and thrilling weekend in Iowa City. Sit down for this one -- they were actually talking about COMING BACK in a few weekends.

On Friday night we went to Verdi, this laid back lounge-y place. It's pretty nice for Iowa City but it always feels so empty. There are this big comfy couches all along the side and tons of tables, and I guess anytime I go out and have absolutely no problems getting a table or a drink, it just feels empty.

Grace was in total shock because we ordered a round of drinks (1 cosmo and 2 Stolis) and the total was $8.50. I had my "Iowa City is so much cheaper than Chicago or pretty much any place in the whole world" epiphany months ago when I first moved here, but Grace asked the bartender if he meant "per person." (See??? THAT is why it's so easy to get wasted here.)

I wish things wouldn't close so early here though. We left when Verde closed at 2 then came home and watched Dark Water which was absolutely NOT scary or suspenseful at all, but rather crashingly boring and promptly put me to sleep in the manner of which no form of media since this book from 2nd year has.

So I was snoring on the couch but Grace and Gaya were both hiding behind pillows watching this movie. In fact, they have problems watching scary movies and kept waking me up and demanding that I watch the screen and tell them what was happening because it was apparently too scary for them to watch.

So this was how it went:

Grace: WAKE UP!! Watch the movie and tell us what's happening.

R: Waking up in a daze. Uh....what? Um..that girl is walking down a hallway and...there's water coming out some door.

Gaya: OH MY GOD! That must be the apartment where blah blah blah. R fell asleep 10 minutes in and as such has no idea what the movie is about.

R: Falls back asleep.

Grace: WAKE UP!! What's happening now?

R: Jolted out of snore. Um..some girl is in some tank of water...and I think she's dead. That's a cute top though. Oh wait her eye just opened.


I guess the movie finally ended, and I still have no idea what it was about.

I have an extra bedroom and 2 comfy couches in the living room and thought there would be plenty of space to sleep. I think my friends were a little freaked out after the movie though and insisted that we all sleep together. In the same bed. So we slept horizontally across the bed so all of us would fit. Then Reflux wandered in and fell asleep right beside the bed too. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and it sort of made me feel like I was in India again, though I'm not sure why.

And there was no skin-sharing, but my computer's mp3 player is busted and refuses to recognize any song except Sunday Morning so it's sort of stuck in my head.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sobre de mi perro, segunda parte

I just returned to work after a 90 minute lunch break where I ran home and picked up my dog MERE MOMENTS before the landlord came in to show my apartment. I know. Living on the edge. Live fast, die young. Though I say live fast and die old. Because I'm not one to play by "the rules."

And this is the excitement so far today. Although Gaya and Grace are actually RENTING A CAR in Chicago and DRIVING TO IOWA to visit me this weekend. To be honest I'm touched beyond words. I love my friends! They would leave the greatest city in the world to come and visit me in the middle of frozen midwestern nowhere. (Maria was going to come too but last weekend she made the sort of unpleasant discovery that she's allergic to my dog.) Now if only I could get them to read my blog.

Reflux accompanied me to Chicago last weekend. On Friday night Maria got home before I did and was apparently alarmed to find my dog inconsolably howling. Reflux's sad howling of loneliness and despair is quite loud and apparently sounds like a woman having some raunchy sex, because Maria thought she was hearing someone gettin' some as she walked down the hall. Only to discover, of course, that it was only Reflux.

I felt terrible when I got home and heard this because Jess had gone to bed early that night and I was afraid Reflux had kept her up with all his noise. The next morning I began to apologize to her for it, "Jess, did my dog keep you up last night? I am so sorry -- he gets really scared when he's by himself in the dark." And Jess responded that she hadn't heard a peep from the dog but "the neighbors were having sex SO LOUD that I kept banging on the wall and screaming at them to shut up!"

The truth is I don't mind Iowa. I've just gotten used to the convenience of the city, I think. Take for instance, going out. In Chicago you can drink as much as you want and catch a cab at any time. You never need to worry about designated drivers or how you're going to get home BLAH BLAH BLAH all that nonsense that is so PLAYED OUT in Iowa. Here in Iowa if you're too drunk to drive yourself home you have to stay over at your friend's who lives closeby, and of course you're 3 sheets to the wind, and now you've lent yourself to all sorts of potentially awkward future moments.

And now let us never speak of this again.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

All about my perro.

I got a voicemail yesterday from my landlord saying he's showing my apartment (where I'm not supposed to have dogs, and probably especially not those of the geriatric sort suffering from urinary incontinence) today between 2-2:30. I also happen to have a very friendly neighbor with 2 cats who is partial to deaf and blind doggies. I was sort of afraid that if I left Reflux at her apartment for the day the cats might attack him but I was pretty desperate so I knocked on her door last night and again this morning to see if she could offer him some refuge but she seems to be out of town! Boo. (And then at work they called me AGAIN and said they're showing my apartment tomorrow at noon. WHY?? Stop it you assholes! Leave me be, I say! LEAVE ME BE! In general I sort of like it when they show my apartment because it makes me clean up and vaccuum and practice good hygiene and stop being such a caveman in general but they've never shown my apartment during the week before.)

So I'll have to dodge out of work around 1:30 and take Reflux for an extra long walk while they look at my apartment.

In other dog-related news, last night I left all my dirty clothes in an untidy heap on the bathroom floor as I often do and was reading in bed when I suddenly heard a commotion from the bathroom: Reflux scuttling around panickedly followed by a THUD and a loud yelp. Alarmed, I rushed out to see what the problem was, and he'd apparently been attacked by a bra that I'd left lying on the floor. He got all of his paws tangled around in the straps, got freaked out in manner of antelope being massacred by lion, tried to run away from it and bonked headfirst into a wall.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Plan Segundario

Esta mañana en español mi profesora me preguntó si yo podría traducir algunos abstractos cientificos para su amiga colombiana quien es radiólogia. El articulo será publicado en una revista médica en español pero el abstracto al principio necesita estar en inglés. Su amiga le pidío que encontrara un profesional médico para traducirlos. Yo le dije “¿por qué no? Email los articulos a mí.”

Entonces ella me preguntó “¿Cuántos dolares cargas tú?” Dije que no cargaré nada porque no se parece como mucho trabajo en todos. Entonces, ella dijo que de hecho, hay MUCHOS abstractos para traducir y debo dar mi precio.

!!! ¡Qué buena suerte! Estoy MUY MUY MUY excitada y feliz. Y por eso yo pienso que es necesario que yo practico mis SKILLZ LOCOS de español. No quiero hacer un trabajo shitty y paraceré una DOOFUS.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm back!

I went to Chicago this weekend to celebrate the match with my friends. I'm so happy for them! Everyone matched awesomely. (Although this does sort of put the pressure on us next year to not suck.) I'm not particularly sentimental about my class but it does sort of feel like a chapter in my life is closing. Well, not MY life per se because I still have to go back and finish my 4th year but ... damn, I'm just starting to feel a little more like a real grown-up I guess. I don't think I like it.

I made an unhappy discovery on Friday night that I had accidentally packed mismatched going-out shoes. I guess that's what happens when you have 2 pairs of beige pointy-toed shoes. But that meant that on Saturday I got to go shopping for a new pair of shoes! I think in Iowa I've gotten used to shopping by myself or doing anti-social Internet shopping so it felt really weird to go shopping with other people. I felt like I'd sort of forgotten how to offer my opinion in a tactful but constructive way.


Usually at yoga the music playing is New Age-y Enya type stuff or sitar plucking, but last night it was Brian McKnight, Marvin Gaye, and U2 of all things. I think the instructor was like, fuck relaxation, we're gonna listen to my mix tape. I actually thought it made yoga more fun. Rocking to "Beautiful Day" helps distract your mind from the intense pain of 2 minutes in the pigeon pose.

Just watched: The Constant Gardener. I really liked this movie, but I sort of felt like the director had ADHD. The cuts were really jumpy and I almost went looking for the Dramamine during that whole scene in the train.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You're off suicide watch, thanks.

I'm feeling much better. I had a very long phone conversation with Garani last night discussing what exactly it is that we're doing (and why is it so damn hard to schedule rotations) and I'm a little jealous that she gets to fly in to Chicago tonight in time for match day! (Though, I suppose, if I would have gotten my shit together and finished all my work over the past 4 days INSTEAD OF DOING NOTHING then I would be able to do so as well.)

I have a lot of writing to do today. (This might be the first time I've said that all year.) Anytime I feel like I've put everything off to the last second, I always hearken back to spring quarter of my sophomore year of college when I wrote a 22-page research paper about miscegenation laws and their impact on future American race identity between the hours of 1:30 - 7:50am. (It's so sad that my greatest moment of inspiration has come from a terrible instance of severe procrastination, laziness, and panic.)

And, in other news, I was distractedly on the phone while I was walking my dog yesterday and must have been standing still in one place for too long because my dog mistook me for a tree stump and peed all over my leg. I didn't even notice until we came back inside and was like, hm, my left pant leg appears to be wet OH MY GOD THAT IS DOG URINE.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why does everything SUCK SO HARD today?

I'm trying to finish up my M4 schedule to turn in, but Northwestern uses this stupid online system to schedule your clinical rotations and it is just about the dumbest computer program ever written.

So it's not just like scheduling classes was in college, where you schedule a class if a slot was open, and if not, you move on to your alternatives. I guess they're trying to be as fair as possible, so everyone has to turn in their schedule at the same time, and then at midnight, the computer randomizes everyone in the class into a specific order and goes down the list trying to match everyone into their highest priority rotation. It then re-randomizes the class list and then goes down the list again, this time for your 2nd highest priority rotation.

What this amounts to is that, in order to schedule about 8 rotations, you have to make a list of about 500 possibilities and rank them in order of priority. For example, my highest priority rotation is Gyn Onc, and I want that in the Summer 2 slot. It's not a hot rotation or anything, but only 1 student is on at a time. I want that slot because I need to schedule around an MPH class I need to take over the summer, and I also want to get my letter of recommendation from one of the attendings. So I rank Gyn Onc for Summer 2 #1. BUT, if it just so happens that some bastard before me already took that spot, I have to rank Gyn Onc for Summer THREE or Fall 1 #2. And so on and so forth. So you have to plan your schedule in all these various orders, and then put "exclusion letters" by all of them, so the computer knows that once it's scheduled, for instance, one of your "A" rotations, it'll cancel out all the other A rotations.

The other thing is, there are several required rotations (ER, MICU, sub-I etc) and if you don't squeeze them all in someplace you won't graduate.

You'd think this would be easy because I had to schedule all these rotations last year before I knew I'd be spending the year doing research in Iowa, but the truth is Maria had to come over and do it for me because I was on some stressful busy rotation and couldn't figure out the stupid computer program. And then I still forgot to put all the exclusion letters in and I ended up with 2 sub-Is.

On top of that, now the server keeps crashing. Charming. Grace summed up the situation quite nicely last night. "Eeeuuuiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Sorry. That was long and boring and probably didn't make any sense but I needed to vent. And I have to have abstract + article done by Thursday!! Eek. :(

In other news, the hospital cafeteria started serving fresh sushi at lunch. V. good.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I'm looking around my apartment and all my plants are dying! I guess that happens when you haven't watered them in 3 weeks. (I'm on that right after I finish this.) In continuing with my week-long state of crabbiness I'm starting to feel completely ineffectual as a human being. Especially because many of my friends are matching this year and going to GRADUATE and be REAL DOCTORS with MDs behind their names and whatnot and I'm doing research, which is almost even more useless than being a 3rd year medical student. The truth is when I start to think about my graduation next year I start to get all panicky, like OH MY GOD. I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING and I won't match anywhere because I SUCK and WHY AM I EVEN IN MEDICINE I CAN'T HANDLE THIS PRESSURE!! and then I have a beer and it sort of helps me breathe and puts me in a better mood even though alcohol is supposed to be a depressant, but whatever.

But also, this whole week has just been extremely frustrating. I was supposed to finish up that poster by Friday but then my other study got all busy. And no, not busy like BUSY GOOD we had so many subjects our hands were just full of them but BUSY BAD and BUSY STUPID like the lab just stopped doing labs we had ordered and needed to be called everyday to be reminded and I spent hours trying to track down patients charts and no one was sending me the DEXA scans like they promised they would. (That story actually has sort of a humorous ending: I walked down to DEXA with the intention of delivering a strongly worded speech about how to please not promise to send me the DEXAs twice a week or whatever if you don't plan on sending them for a month and ignore all emails or voicemails you get from me STOP WASTING MY TIME I AM VERY BUSY AND IMPORTANT and I ended up buying a box of Girl Scout cookies from the DEXA tech and looking at pictures of her new litter of puppies. I also forgot to ask about the DEXAs altogether and it wasn't until I was back in my office enjoying my newly purchased Peanut Butter Patties that I realized I hadn't accomplished anything and had to run back to DEXA to be all, "Oh yeah.... can you guys, uh mail those to me by intercampus mail, or would it be more convenient for me to come pick them up everyday? Because I can do that too! I have to come over to this side of the hospital anyway for [other stupid paperwork-related task] so it's not even a problem!")

I also have to turn in my M4 schedule this weekend and I'm extremely nervous about that because basically you plan your schedule around your selected future specialty. I love OB despite everyone's attempt to talk me out of it (and I just spent a year doing Gyn Endocrine research) but sometimes I feel like this is too soon to decide what I'm going to do for the rest of my life! I love women but I don't know if I never want to treat another male patient again! What if I get sued and I spend the rest of my life struggling to pay back my med school loans because I'm bankrupt but still have to pay off all this expensive training for a career I can't even have anymore? (Oh that thought just makes me ill. Excuse me while I vomit.)

Ok I need to find me some chocolate.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Boring. Boredom. BORED!!

These past few days I've been a little disgruntled with my research and my life in general. I think the low point was on Monday as I was preparing a poster for a poster session and I was looking on PubMed to reference an article and I realized that SOMEONE ALREADY WROTE MY PAPER.

And no, like not in a good way where you get together with your friends to work on a project and realize that the overachiever has anticipated everyone else's laziness and has already done all the work and there's your name safe and secure on the title page. Like in a BAD WAY where you come to class all proud of your paper considering the homosexual themes in The Epic of Gilgamesh and then you realize that SOMEONE ELSE wrote the exact same paper except it compares the homosexual themes in The Epic of Gilgamesh to modern day homophobic works and it's like 10x better than the crappy shit you made up last night at 4AM. Not only that but you were actually supposed to email the paper in over the weekend, not bring it to class on Monday. And you were late to class anyway because your printer broke and no one on your floor had a functioning printer because your dorm was so old that all the electric wiring had gone to shit and fried many of the appliances so you had to run downstairs and use your RA's printer except it was one of those $40 color printers that when it runs out of black ink it starts to print in rainbow so your paper is barely legible now anyway. Not that that happened. To me. Freshman year of college. Whatever, I'm over it. But THAT'S EXACTLY HOW IT FELT.

So that kind of sucked, to see that someone else did the EXACT SAME PROJECT except evidently on a larger and more diverse scale, because COME ON, I live in IOWA and EVERYONE IS WHITE and I WANTED to compare the different phenotypes by race but it just seemed STUPID because only like 7 subjects out of over 200 were nonwhite.

Erm. Anyway. I've coped with this blow to my sense of originality and cutting-edgeness by drinking copiously. It seems to have worked.

Anyway, I also realized that while I LOVE the lifestyle that goes along with doing research, clinical practice of medicine is far more gratifying. I can't wait to see some patients again! (This is a total flip from the reaction one of my friends had after M3 year when she realized she hated sick people and became a pathologist.)

Friday, March 03, 2006

I Can't Stop!

You know your work situation isn't optimally stimulating when you just spent the last 48 minutes shuffling your Netflix queue. No, not even browsing and adding: REARRANGING.

They call him Helen Keller...

Laura came up with a super-fantastic new nickname for my dog: HELEN KELLER. It's even funnier than Stinky McDeaferson and Reflux McSmelly.

In other news, there's a new hospital policy that says LDLs are only measured when the TGs > 400. In fact, even if you've ordered an LDL, the computer that does the blood lipid analysis has been programmed to simply override your order if the TGs aren't high enough.

So that might be good clinically, but we're trying to do some VERY IMPORTANT RESEARCH here, we need those LDL levels.

So I called the director of the lab (dol) the other day to figure this out:

R: Hi, as part of this study we're doing, we need the LDL levels on the research subjects but because of that new clinical TG policy, I think the computer is overriding my order, because I'm not receiving any of the LDL levels for my study patients. What should I do to make sure that the LDLs are done on my study patients no matter what their TG is?

DOL: Well you see, there's a hospital policy recently put into effect that we don't measure LDLs unless the TG > 400, even if you specifically ordered an LDL. You see, it's because recently Medicare changed their reimbursement BLAH BLAH BLAH blathers on for 15 minutes about irrelevant hospital and insurance gibberish.

R: Listens patiently til lod is winded. I see, thank you. I was actually wondering how I could make sure the LDLs get done, because it's one of my study parameters, and it's being done as part of a study, and not for a direct clinical purpose. Because it's part of a STUDY.

DOL: Slowly and patient in manner of talking to mildly retarded child. You see, the computer AUTOMATICALLY overrides your order, so unless the TGs > 400, the LDL won't get done.

R: I think I understand. Do you know if there's a way that I can get the LDLs measured no matter what the TGs are? We're measuring the lipid panel as part of a study, it's not for a direct clinical purpose. It's for a STUDY.

DOL: But if the TGs DO NOT EXCEED 400, the computer won't measure the LDL. Recently, Medicare changed their reimbursement policy --

R: Oh yeah, I remember you explained that to me a second ago. Can I just ask a quick question real fast? Is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY that the LDLs can get done? We're ordering them for A STUDY. "STUDY" means that the costs are covered by the University or the NIH. I guess what I'm asking is, is there a way for a laboratory technician to OVERRIDE the automated requirements for LDL measurement and just measure it anyway? Because we need the LDLs done no matter what the TG level is. FOR A STUDY.

DOL: Oh yeah. Just email me the patients names and I'll just do it.

I hate it when people treat me like I'M the idiot.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Northwest: Puttin' the crap back in airline.

I'm saving all of my angry steam for that strongly worded letter I'll be writing to Northwest Airlines tonight, but I do have one thing to say about my overnight experience at the MSP airport on Sunday night: I met my first North Dakotan! Several of them.

A bunch of law students from ND happened to be at a conference in NYC and my seat happened to be in the middle of all of theirs on the flight from LGA to Minneapolis. Because of weather, we all ended up missing our connected flights and spent the night together like one big happy family at the airport. Because Northwest wouldn't give us hotel vouchers. And they did give us some coupons for discount rates at nearby hotels, but upon making some phone calls, it turns out that hotels don't like taking coupons from bankrupt airlines. Oops. Boy, Northwest, is there some EGG ON YOUR FACE.

Ok, people from North Dakota? Cool as SHIT. Except they were describing to me a game that they like to play in the winter time: so, you spend the day shooting a bunch of jackrabbits, and then they all freeze up in a big pile of dead jackrabbit. Then you hitch up a sled to the back of a pick up and load some people on the sled and onto the bed of a truck. Then the fun starts: the team on the bed of the truck is supposed to chuck frozen jackrabbits at the people on the sled and the idea is to see how long you can hang on while the truck is speeding and swerving. FUN. (Is this true, or are my new ND friends making fun of me? Whatever, they were awesome anyway.) Good luck in law school!