Saturday, February 04, 2006

You made me bleed my own blood.

My dad decided that our distant relative in Houston wasn't sick enough to go visit yet, so I am still at home this weekend. Goody! Now have a chance to write up research article and perhaps study for Step 2.

Seeing as I have a full 2 days off here in town, I took the opportunity this morning to go downtown to my favorite IC bookstore and pick up some new reads but more importantly, to break in my new heels. At the end of the day, look what I found:

BLOOD. Blood in my SHOE. My heel is pretty banged up too.

The last time I found blood in my shoe was over the summer when we went out and I didn't even realize anything was wrong until we came home and I took my shoes off to find a big pool of blood at the tip. They were those damn pointy-toed shoes so I didn't even feel the extra pain of splitting my pinky toenail in half, on top of all the baseline pain from the shoe.

In other news, my application to give a poster presentation at AMsA conference was approved (hooray -- it's at Palmer House in Chicago!!). The bad news about this is that only AMsA members can present their research and I apparently let my membership lapse after M2 year so now I have to rejoin, which probably costs like $8 million dollars or some shit. Everything about medical training is such a gd scam. (It especially hurts to pay thousands of dollars to take excruciating 8-hour licensing exams you really don't want to take.)

Anyway, when I passed this good news along to my PI, she sent back an email saying, "We should get going on that paper, what do you think?" which I sort of appreciated as a v. diplomatic way of saying, "I know you're sitting at home in your sweatpants watching Dancing with the Stars reruns so get off your lazy ass and finish the damn paper already. You lazy slob." (Which I would almost like better, because I have this unfortunately quality of not getting anything done unless there's some fire under my ass.)


Colleen said...

We have to rejoin AMSA if we have a poster to present? Shit shit shit! (I just had my poster accepted too...and I am pretty sure I no longer have membership) said...

In my view everyone have to glance at it.