Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Superbowl 2006

I stopped caring about the Superbowl once the Bears were eliminated a few weeks ago. Actually I didn't even really care about it before then. And the only reason I even knew the Bears almost made it was because my friend's boyfriend's parents were going to watch Reflux for me for a while and his dad was really excited about the game. And then really sad when we lost. And then Noah called and asked if I was watching the game and I was v. excited that I knew what he was talking about but too embarassed to tell him that we were actually just re-watching the raunchy parts of Cold Mountain again.

But anyway, it feels good to at least have plans on Superbowl Sunday because all week everyone is all "What are you doing for Superbowl" "I can't wait for Superbowl" etc.

Yesterday I got a phone call from my mom saying that some relative I've never heard of has endstage renal disease, and be ready to fly out to Houston this weekend for visit. Then my dad took the phone away from her and told me not to worry about it too much because they went through this a few months ago when they thought he was dying and my parents flew out for the weekend to say their goodbyes but then he got better. "Waste of a plane ticket," grumbled my dad, which made me fear for my dad's soul but also sort of cracked me up.

I sensed that my mom was not v. amused though. She told me she was looking into flights out of Cedar Rapids and Moline for me so I better have my bags packed. Weekend holiday to Houston!


Chick Pea said...

hope your family friend is okay... yeah, the super bowl party plans.. i have 3 choices

1. spend it with my department watching it in the conference room
2. spend it at a church in atlanta with the largest hdtv
3. spend it with friends at an apartment..

3 choices.. what to do? likely will be studying away in the library.. hell i'm a college football (GO USC!) fan.. never been a pro bowler

Khakra said...

fly jetblue, you might be able to watch Superbowl in-flight and avoid all the Little Jon celebrations. I plan to head out and spot a woman wearing pink sandals who is watching Superbowl. It's a challenge, and I'm not gonna lose $50 to some fried chimp.

square peg said...

CP: you? Trojan's fan? Really? ;) (And where did you get the hookup to this technologically advanced church?)

K: In the what now?

Khakra said...

stuck. i'm gonna feel blue on superbowl sunday.

Chick Pea said...

hehe.. my co-worker goes to this church where it's going to be held.. no i'm not christian...

trojan for life.. class of '97..heck went to the rose bowl this year as well.. :).. love them..

love jet blue. don't they give you warm cookies? sucks atlanta doesn't carry that airline