Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rupes in hiding.

They're showing my apartment today so I had to get up early to clean and hide all dog paraphernalia. In my hurry to clean up my apartment I accidentally dropped a notebook on my dog's head while he was sleeping. We had to come over to Yolanda's to hide while they showed our apartment and he thanked me by promptly pooping on Yolanda's carpet the moment we got here. I think I was sucessfully able to hide most of the dog stuff, except there's still this odd blood stain on the carpet that I couldn't get out from when he hurt himself last week. I took care of it by "artfully" arranging some pillows over the area.

1 comment:

Khakra said...

you *crack* me up with your dog antics!! reflux is seriously high maintenance. guess it's a give and take with having a klutz like you around