Thursday, February 09, 2006

Post-op Day #2

Reflux survived surgery! Hooray! He is now rockin' the toothless gummy old man look. He's sort of swollen and miserable but he's still on pain meds and conked out most of the time so I couldn't prop him up for a picture. And he's sneezing blood. Which is kind of gross but the vet said it was nothing to worry about. But I am worried. ABOUT MY APARTMENT. And that deposit I'm not getting back. It's bad enough that Reflux went through some weird phase where he always wanted to pee right inside the door of the apartment building, when we would be about 3 seconds away from being outside. I'm not even supposed to have dogs here!

And I feel so desolate and alone without my cell phone! CEEEELLLL PHOOOONE. What did we ever do without those things? I'm driving to Chicago tomorrow and I'm so nervous! I've had a cell phone for the last SIX YEARS. I don't know how to plan things in advance! What if something happens to me on the road? And I always used those long drives as a chance to make those phone calls to old friends you know you can talk to forever. WHAT WILL I DO NOW?? Left alone in the company of my own thoughts. Shudder.


punchberry said...

I think back to my cell-free life with awe. I used to meet up with people!!! And we used to, like, agree on a time in advance! And, then, when I went there, I would arrive at the agreed time! And, sit down for this one, the other person would too! No mid-travel coordination needed. I don't know how.

I hope you get your razor soon. You can always buy one e-bay, and then just go into a Verizon store to switch your SIM card into it.

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