Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Only YOU can prevent UTIs.

I'm more into Paul Wall than Eminem, but I'm actually digging his latest song with Nate Dogg, EXCEPT there's a line in the hook where he sings, "I get more ass than a toilet seat." Which..ew. I understand that he's using the amount of ass a toilet seat sees (probably a great deal of ass) to quantify how much ass he he himself claims to acquire, but all it does is make me extra paranoid about catching gonorrhea from the toilet seat and be militant about using double toilet seat covers or just hovering awkwardly over the toilet. I think just hearing the word "toilet" come out of Nate Dogg's mouth automatically makes me assume it's crawling with STDs, for some reason.

In somewhat related news, I went to see the department's Data Analyst today and she was telling me about how she's re-reading East of Eden and then asked me if I was reading anything good right now, followed by silence because I was too embarassed to admit that I'm currently reading Confessions of a Video Vixen. (It's a book about being a video ho. Hey, it's not the most challenging read, but it's sort of interesting. And sort of depressing. And if you wish to know kinky sex secrets of famous rappers, this book is for you!)

In other news, February is almost over!! We are well into 2006 -- when the hell did this happen?! (Captain Obvious at your service!)

I have an abstract deadline March 3rd and I told myself I'd be done writing my first article by the end of February. Uh...I might need to give myself an extension. (March 3rd is next Friday!!) I'm supposed to meet my PI today to go over my progress, so I was up until 3 AM last night panickedly doing data analysis. I also ate a whole bag of chocolate pretzels somehow. Then I couldn't sleep because I had the worst heartburn. Also I've had to sleep in the family room because my downstairs neighbor sounds like a wounded moose when he snores. Hey, guess what's on TV at 3:30 AM? NOTHING. Except they replayed Olympic ice dancing. No spectacularly awesome falls to report yesterday as compared to Sunday, but hooray for America winning silver!

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