Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One more thing, then I'll shut up.

There's something else I miss about Chicago: CHIPOTLE. The finest food known to man.

The one across the street from my apartment building -- it's on the corner of Fairbanks and Ontario -- offered buy one get one free burritos on V Day if you kissed the person you were with. So you were guaranteed to get lucky on Valentine's Day! Well, sort of lucky. Basically, you just scrounged up someone who hadn't eaten lunch yet to drag to Chipotle and kiss so you guys could enjoy 1/2 price burritos. I remember first year we had an odd number of people in our group, so someone literally ran to the library to find someone to drag to Chipotle.

I am missing out on my 1/2 price burrito!

Also, I just received this v. scary email from the hospital administration:

Local weather stations are tracking a winter storm system that will impact the region on Wednesday night and throughout the day on Thursday. A Winter Storm Watch goes into effect on Wednesday night with below freezing temperatures. Sub-zero temperatures are expected over the weekend.

Gah!!! Find a happy place!!! Find a HAPPY PLACE!!!


oodles said...

Dude, kiss someone, get a burrito? SWEET!

Ira said...

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