Thursday, February 23, 2006

I can't move my arms!

Did anyone watch American Idol last night? When Ace said he was going to sing Father Figure by George Michael I almost fell off the couch with laughter. And then he sang it, and I was just embarassed watching it. He does this thing where he makes hot monkey love to the camera with his eyes, and I was actually blushing watching it, sitting in my family room in my sweat pants and glasses.
Isn't he, the prettiest guy you've ever seen?

And, at abs and arms class a few days ago I did something to my arms and now it really, really hurts to extend. I called my brother to ask him what I should do and all he did was scare me with stories about people who only work out their biceps and not their triceps and their arms are stuck in a permanent state of flexion. Crab arms!! Gah! That wasn't helpful but now I'm freaked out, thanks.

Yesterday at the gym I overheard this woman talking to her friend after squat class:

Woman 1: Yeah, so I'm going to put in an hour of cardio then go downstairs and lift some weights. This all just sounds like insanity to R because she her ass is usually so sore after class she can barely walk home.

Woman 2: Do you want to meet here tomorrow at 7?

Woman 1: Well, I'm coming to "Boot Camp" (scary hardcore gym class at 6 am) tomorrow morning, and then I'll come back at 5 for TBC. (another class that's less scary but when I take it I have to give myself a 2 day berth away from the gym because it's so exhausting.)

Woman 2 (and R, in her head): You come to the gym twice a day? Wow.

Woman 1: Oh that's not all. I also spend my lunch hour walking...

R (in her head): OH MY GOD. You would rather EXERCISE than EAT FOOD? You are one big ol' cup of eating disorders.

Woman 1: ...and then I eat my lunch when I take a conference call. I usually have a cup of yogurt at my desk or a packet of tuna.

I think she needs an intervention. I kind of wish I had more discipline in my life, but let's face it, if I was deprived of my peanut M&Ms I'd be one raging bitch.


t.HYPE said...

Girl, where do you work out? Those people sound crazy! You should join the YMCA. When old people go hardcore, they use extra weights in water aerobics.

machra said...

those tuna packets remind me of cachexia. i commented the other day at work that there needs to be a pill for anorexia, and this resident said, yeah- it's marijuana. sounds like those chicas could use some chillin'....

Mervin said...

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