Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow today and dove back into his hole, which means we're due for another 6 weeks of winter. Yay.
(But look at this dude -- Phil's "handler," which probably has another meaning on the East Coast than it does over here. He wears a top hat! If he'd only get a monacle too, then he'd be like Mr. Peanut!)

Today I am mighty appreciative that life is not truly like Groundhog Day, where we're cursed to repeat a crappy day over and over again forever. Like today. If somehow I wake up and tomorrow is the same as today, someone might have to die. (Disclaimer: EARMUFFS.)

7:17 AM Wake up in a panic to realize that must get self ready and transported to bus stop in 13 minutes.

7:19 AM Run around closet with hairbrush and toothbrush trying to decide what to wear. Accomplish brushing of neither. In fact get toothpaste on sweater and have to change to 3/4 sleeve buttondown completely inappropriate for the weather.

7:23 AM Forego AM walk with Reflux and affix diaper instead. In rush to dump out can of Kibbles & Bits into Reflux's food dish, some Kibbles splatter onto pants. Curse effluently.

7:25 AM Run back to closet and pull trusty black pants out of laundry hamper. Forgot that unfortunately dropped spaghetti sauce-covered spoon on pants last night while making dinner. Make mental note to self to STOP ALWAYS FUCKING SPILLING NASTY SHIT ON SELF for the love of god. Waste precious moments debating whether or not to just Febreze self and try to wash out crusty sauce blob at work later, then decide to forego pants all together in favor of long wool skirt.

7:27 AM Throw papers and books into bag, throw on coat, run awkwardly out of apartment building, bag and coat flapping madly. Awkwardly because skirt doesn't have slit in the back and R now resembles rapidly waddling penguin. Curse Urban Outfitters for selling such stupid yet irresistible clothing.

7:29 AM AHAHAHAHAAH!! I am the MASTER!!!! Here comes the bus just as I am running to the bus stop!! I motherfucking RULE.

7:30 AM Smile fades as rummage through bag for wallet. Oh for fucks sakes.

7:31 AM Bus speeds away. Waddle back up to apartment to look for wallet and bus pass.

7:44 AM No sign of wallet anywhere in apartment. Could possibly have left it at guitar lesson last night?

7:45 AM Pulls phone out of bag to leave message at studio. In doing so, out tumbles wallet. MOTHERFUCKER.

But yay yay yay, Happy Hour at Takenami tonight, my new favorite IC restaurant!!


sparkydoom said...

LOL. you sound like a tv show.

punchberry said...

Life would be so much better if we could just have the day pre-started, and not have to get ready and start it and stuff. I usually have most things that are going to go wrong out of the way by 10AM. Sometimes, I can just move on and enjoy the rest of my day; other times, I just spend the day recovering from the morning.

Hope tomorrow's better!

Khakra said...

no evening brouhaha over cleaning up reflex's poo? The 7:xx diaper technique seems to be working!