Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We Did the Disco!

Over the weekend I went to my friend's wedding in St. Louis. My first Sikh wedding!

I was embarassingly late to the ceremony and had to sneak in the back somewhere. I fished out my camera to take pictures as the bride made her entrance then realized that unfortunately I had filled the memory card the day before when out of boredom, my brothers and I spent the afternoon taking dozens of stupid pictures of ourselves putting shopping bag over dog's head, trapping dog underneath a laundry basket, wheelbarrow-racing the dog around the kitchen, throwing socks at the dog, fastening dog's ears together with scrunchie in manner of ponytail etc. (Umm..yeah. There really isn't much to do in Centralia. We're not usually half-retarded, I promise.)

I tried to delete all the pictures but apparently I haven't figured out how to turn off the loud beeps that accompany any function of the camera so there was this explosion of beeps as I frenziedly deleted all the photos so I could actually take photos of stuff happening at the wedding.

In a rare and extremely unwelcome moment of lucidity an elderly lady of questionable mental status (She kept calling me Rinku and asking where my sister was. I'd never seen her before in my life.) sitting next to me actually turned and asked me if I could make my camera stop beeping because "you seem to be bothering the other wedding guests." Hello, pot? Meet kettle.

Photos from the reception!!

This guy was at my table (The single girl/gay man table) but no one knew who he was.

He seemed to be having a good time jamming by himself though. Rock on buddy!

At one point they were playing some really slow bhangra music and everyone sort of formed this circle around this uncle who made dancing with the napkin look fucking slick. Hey uncle dancing with the napkin? You're the motherfucking MAN.

By the end of the night, all the guys were trying to dance with the table linens. Was like that date party in college where someone's date got drunk and tied his tie around his head, and by the end of the night all the guys were wearing their ties around their heads.

I am so having one of these the next time I throw a party.

And finally, I followed this kid around for ages trying to snap his photo. (What? Because he's cute! C'mon, I'm not made of STONE. Look at those chubby cheeks!)


Khakra said...

punjabis sure know how to jiggy with the dholak. awesome instrument.

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