Friday, January 06, 2006

Sometimes I want to kick myself in the ass.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I'm such a horrible procrastinator!! I've had all month to work on this stupid abstract and even glibly told my PI before I jaunted home for vacation that I'd finish it there. Then I went home and did nothing for 10 days. Fuck!

But yay!! It's Friday, it's Friday! I don't know why I'm all that excited, because I've only worked 2 full days this week, including today, and I haven't even actually started working yet today. And yesterday was kind of a half-day too because I spent the first 5 hours of the day returning emails and making phone calls. Then I spent 1 hour panicking about the stupid abstract. Ok, then I really worked on it for about 2 hours. Then I emailed it to myself and reported to my PI that I'd finish it at home. Had brilliant plan to stay in and skip gym and spend time working on abstract and even made plan to review EKGs as have completely forgotten all medicine in last 6 months of doing research, and was never actually that good at reading EKGs anyway.

Allow me to describe the creative process at work at my apartment last night.

5:15 Got off bus and walked home.

5:17 Walked into apartment and greeted Reflux, removed diaper from Reflux, prepared to walk Reflux.

5:22 Hmm. Perhaps should not have spent extra 5 minutes reapplying makeup and floofing hair in hopes of running into cute neighbor because Reflux peed on the carpet while waiting to go outside.

5:36 Return from walk, reheat leftover noodles for dinner.

5:43 Notice 2 voicemails from old friends. Goody!

6:37 Finish phone correspondence and direct attention to computer, spreadsheets, etc.

6:38 Check as am planning trip to Chicago this weekend.

6:40 Perhaps should start packing now so won't have to rush later.

7:02 Where is my snowflake sweater?!

7:05 I am such an irresponsible piece of crap. Why can't I just hang things up right when I take them off? Now I'm going to be all up--

7:10 Oh. Here it is under the bed.

7:12 Sit down to schedule very limited time in Chicago and decide to leave directly after Department Holiday party on Friday night. Sort of sucks as will be driving late at night by oneself/must limit alcohol intake at Holiday party etc but decide is worth it as will now have time to shop on Michigan Ave on Saturday morning, meet little brother for lunch etc.

7:20 Call Maria with updated plans and to ensure she will be up at 2 AM when I get there.

7:50 Ooh..Gaya should be back in Chicago from Sri Lanka. Decide to call her to hear about trip and also fill her in on weekend plans.

9:00 Reflux is sniffing around as though planning to pee. Must go walk him.

9:15 Return from walk. Can now focus on spreadsheets and abstract. Goody! Hopefully can be in bed by 11 so can wake up early and go work out at 6 AM.

9:47 Spent 30 minutes tooling around on the Internet instead of looking at spreadsheets. Oops.

9:48 Oh....Sex and the City will be in on 12 minutes. Hate to start working on abstract without giving self appropriate time to concentrate on it. Have bowl of cereal and watch the end of ER instead.

10:30 Should I watch the second episode of Sex and the City?'s the one where Miranda buys her own place. I love this one!

11:00 Take shower, brush teeth etc

11:20 Time to get serious. Reopen laptop and spreadsheets.

11:21 *Yawn* So sleepy. Maybe should just set alarm for 6 so can be at office at 7 to work on abstract.

7:15 AM Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Anyway, I got here at 8:30, performed my daily 1 hour procrastination routine, and now it's time to get busy! With my spreadsheets. Goal: Finish by noon!!


Anonymous said...

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square peg said...

Ha! The Onion article is hilarious. I always feel that way too when I have time off. I thought finishing one measly abstract (actually come to find out I was supposed to write TWO) over break was a totally reasonable goal but my capability for endless distraction and last minute panic never fails to amaze me. But I'm happy to report that there's a happy ending to my incompetence: the deadline for the abstract submission is actually MONDAY and not FRIDAY. Good thing, too, because I still haven't finished them.

Brion said...

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