Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mindless gossip of the day

(Although now that I'm doing research I like to think that my whole day is mindless, but anyway..)

ANGELINA JOLIE IS PREGNANT. With Brad's offspring. Just...ew. And he adopted her Cambodian baby and her Ethiopian baby and is making them little Jolie-Pitts. (I kind of dig that her name goes first.) Cute little family. Cute little Benetton ad.

One of my most hilarious memories from my Medicine rotation last year was when my intern and I were hiding in a conference room during a slow call day reading People magazine. It was just as Brad-Jen drama was unfolding and People magazine was filled with j'accuse Angelina. We studied pictures intently then my intern said, "She's hot, but...she just looks like her thing...I mean, y' know. It looks like it's been EVERYWHERE."

I didn't exactly know what he was trying to say but I think I caught the gist. But I still kinda think Angelina is cool as shit. And I kind of want to be her. Even if her "thing" has been everywhere.


punchberry said...

Way-famous celebrities get to be "take their thing everywhere" and are beyond reproach. It's a special perk that comes with the job. It's right there in the "way famous beautiful dude" employment contract.

Rohin said...

How I wish her thing had been literally everywhere.

Do you have a site meter Rupa? I bet your traffic spikes sharply today in light of the whole Moran Atias, um, 'thing'.

Serena said...

I agree, I think Angelina is the coolest. I love her independence. I think she is my new role model...