Thursday, January 12, 2006

So today in Iowa it's a balmy 55 degrees (Cheers to global warming!) and sunny which is like summertime, it's so hot.

I was sitting forlornly at my computer woefully staring out the window at the students walking by all glowing and lightweight and smiley after shedding their parkas and welcoming some Vitamin D back into their lives, when I just decided to up and leave in the middle of the day. AWESOME. I need to do that more often. I remember in college it was ridiculously windy and cold from October until April, but then there would be that gorgeous first real week of spring when students re-emerged from their cocoons of hibernation and girls started to do their hair again and everyone smiled at each other and walking up Sheridan Road for some stupid early morning class at Tech didn't feel like God was smiting you anymore, just one big springtime lovefest. Although I'm mildly concerned that we're having that week in January now.

And what did I do with my half day of liberation? I was able to take my dog for a nice long walk while it was still sunny so I didn't have to worry about him falling into holes and walking into shit (because of the bad eyesight, you see), and then I came home and just sat around smiling goofily, I was just so happy to be home with the sun shining.

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