Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's Thursday ya'll!!!

Woo hoo!!! One more day until the weekend!!! After this past weekend's Busch Light-induced fiasco of hungover-ness (classy all the way here in Iowa, yo) I am pledging this weekend to alcohol abstinence. I have to write up my research and start studying for Step 2. IT IS TIME TO GET SERIOUS. I know I've been saying that since September, but this time I MEAN IT.

I was supposed to write Background/Methods of article last night but Tuesday night I was in-person call for RVAP and got paged to the ER at 2 AM. So yesterday after work I went to my guitar lesson then figured I had earned a night off and spent the evening watching King of the Hill reruns and trying out my brand spankin' new Yoga Booty Ballet DVD (yeah, it has the dumbest name ever but I vote it Best Workout Tape I've Ever Done Even Better than Tae Bo! 2 thumbs up.) And, ok, this is how I spend most of my evenings anyway until the few nights before a deadline or an exam when there's a panic attack followed by a frenzy of productivity but TONIGHT. Background and Methods: you are mine, bitches.

Update on my Spanish class: Today I finally went and bought the textbooks and coursepack. Because apparently there was homework due for today that I sort of forgot about. Or actually never knew about. (But having books by the 3rd day of class? That's, like, a personal record for me. When I took organic chemistry in college, for the 3rd quarter they switched to a completely new textbook from the first 2. I can't exactly remember why this felt like a good idea at the time, but I remember not going to go pick up the new orgo book at the bookstore until 3 days before the first midterm. At the bookstore I discovered to my horror that it was so far into the term that they had already SHIPPED ALL THE EXTRA TEXTBOOKS BACK TO THE DISTRIBUTOR. Needless to say this put a huge dent in my planned schedule o' cramming. I had to order the book overnight delivery from Amazon and photocopy 75 pages out of my friend's book.)

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The Desi Nole said...

I have tried better... Red Dog, not sure if you get it in your part of the country.

The theory behind that was "Beer is beer no matter what the name is".

Good luck with your weekend.