Monday, January 16, 2006

It's that time again.

Do you ever wonder if the people behind you in line at the grocery store see what you buy and are secretly judging you? I felt that way at Target today as I waited patiently to ring up my bottle of Midol and Valu-Pack of DoubleStuf Oreos and People magazine. Judge away. And go get me Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and a pair of those sweatpants with the big elastic waistbands.

Currently nursing: This blister on my forehead where I was trying to use my friend's fancy new hair flattener and didn't realize the "Extra Steam" button was for "extra flattening" and ended up steaming a big spot on my forehead.

Currently celebrating: Martin Luther King Day!! Having spent the last 7 years in private school, we never got this day off. Hooray for public schools!

Just watched: The Bachelor. So they replayed the entire premiere where the 33yo oncologist went off on The Bachelor for not picking her. I felt kind of bad for her. Everyone's allowed to go apeshit once in a while (esp if drunk!), it's just too bad that hers had to be on TV. I was a little confused at the beginning when, after she found out that The Bachelor was a doctor, she was like, "I'm a shoo-in!" Um, hello? That should have been the first thing you learned in medical school. Most guys are afraid of you. We call it dropping the M-bomb. Next time tell him you're a flight attendant. (And try not to mention your rotting eggs.)

I was so sad when Kristin was eliminated today though! She seemed so geniunely sweet and funny. She kind of has that thing where she overshares personal information when she's nervous and ends up looking mentally unbalanced. She kind of reminds me of myself.

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