Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Knew It!!

A HA! Look what I found today when I came home from work:


The battle against poo...it never ends in this apartment.

(And by the way, one of my friends said she could be doing the most exciting and fun things ever but if she tried to write it down and share it with the world it would sound lame and boring whereas I on the other hand could take something as mundane as my dog's poo and make it seem like the funniest and most interesting thing that ever happened to anyone. At first I was really pleased with myself GEE I AM SO TALENTED! but then I felt kind of sad inside because really, my dog's poo is sort of the most exciting thing I have going right now. Unless you want to hear about transvaginal ultrasounds. Which I charmingly refer to as dildo-cam.)


David G said...

your blog is entirely too poocentric.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Less poo, more dildo-cam, please.

Anonymous said...

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