Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year! And all that crap.

Back in Iowa after vacay in C-town! No, not the cool C-town. The crappy C-town. CENTRALIA!

Survived a CRAZY New Year's Eve consisting of Mandatory Family Fun Time! (MFFT!) as ordered by my dad. We (ya'll hang on to your butts now!) played Cranium and ordered pizza. Don't let that racy story get around!

So much (Mandatory) Fun! Highlight of the game: I got a card where I was supposed to do Charades of 'hormone.' I stuffed a pillow under my shirt and walked around beating stuff up and looking pissed off then stuffed my face with a whole bowl of pretzels. "Um..Fat? Oh, I mean...pregnant? Bitchy? Estrogen? HORMONES?"

1 comment:

Rohin said...

It's obvious. You should've hitched your skirt up, undone a few blouse buttons, laid back and screamed with your legs in the air.

Whore - moan.

Perfect for a family setting.