Thursday, December 08, 2005

Rups Does India!! Part the First.

Here I am in India!! Damn it's hot.

I landed at Mumbai International Airport and now I'm sweltering away in beautiful and pristine Surat. (Ha! Ha!) First class was awesome, thanks for asking. Except there was DUCT TAPE holding one of the light bulbs to the ceiling. I took a picture which I plan to post later. Look, the motherfucking plane is held together with duct tape! (My uncle and aunt and several little children are in this room with me so I have to keep the swearing to a minimum.)

When we landed we had to stand in the 'immigration' line for foreign passports. I had the misfortune of getting stuck behind these African businessman from some apparently obscure West African country. So they had passports and papers from what sounded like "Togaland"or something. (Sorry, I have no geography skillz.) And thus was I demonstrated the beauty and grace of Indian bureacracy.

They're showing these mauve passports that identify themselves as citizens from Togaland, and all these official documents issued by the government of Togaland, and the poor customs guy is like, "Who? Where?" There's also this huge language barrier of Togaland-ish vs Hindi and the English isn't that good all around either.

The customs guy gets on the phone and (I swear to god) asks someone "Yeh Togaland kahaa hai?" 20 minutes later someone brings over a map from somewhere and the 2 of them go over it with a magnifying glass. Another 15 minutes of heated conversation goes by and the African dudes are escorted off to some "office upstairs." I felt sorry for them, they were totally gonna be stuck at that airport all night.

I finally got through customs and collected my suitcases. I had brought all kinds of moneys in anticipation of having to bribe some authority to get all my fancy American goods through customs but I accidentally wandered through an open door somewhere behind some people and found myself outside the airport! I was kind of psyched that no one manhandled my underwear but at the same time I felt such a sad lack of faith in airport security.

More updates later!!


Anonymous said...

Rupal-how are the caves???? dark and damp? hope you are feeling well!


Khakra said...

come on rupester, you complain about sweltering? don't be a punk! no one on the plane proposed to you? How was it seeing the sea of humanity even inside the Chxyzndjkdf Shivaji airport?

those fellas must've been from togo, a francophone country. last time i heard of them was when their qualification for World Cup soccer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, probably Togo, which used to be called Togoland. Obligatory unncessary link: Togo

New reader, really enjoying the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying Surat. less than a week 'till my trip to Sri Lanka. If they had duct tape in first class, I have feeling I'll be sitting next to a goat and some chickens in economy.


oodles said...

Definitley Togo. Too bad there weren't any French speaking folks around.
Hope you're having a good time.