Friday, December 02, 2005

I'm a woman now!

Flash Fiction Friday! This week's theme is RED:

She watched in a daze as blood dripped out of her body. She felt lightheaded and queasy but there was no pain. The red drops pooled together into a festive puddle that starkly contrasted the dingy linoleum. She put a hand on the counter to steady herself and called out.

“MOM!! I think it started!”

I love talking about female reproductive organs unprovoked, but writing this FFF actually reminded me of a conversation I had my M1 year about menstruation with a couple of other med students. It was during the Reproduction unit, and this male classmate of mine asked (in all seriousness): "Isn't it just like peeing? Like, you just go the bathroom?"

Um...NO. And hence the need for the ENTIRE TAMPON INDUSTRY.

In an update on my attempt to stop smoking, there was a weak moment a few days ago when I was at the grocery store and they had a little clearance basket full of some generic-ass brand of cigarettes (American Spirit!) for $1 a pack! (They run a tight ship on that smoking age at HyVee.) I succumbed.

My rationale was that if I smoked some really, really nasty brand of cigarettes it would just turn me off to smoking altogether and I would have this great moment of empowerment where I would flush them all down the toilet then strut down the street in all my sassy non-smokerness, just like in the TV commercial! They are kind of gross, but now I have to finish the whole pack. Because flushing them down the toilet would be WASTEFUL.


oodles said...

I say let the cigarettes go to waste! You know you want to strut down the street... you know you do!

g said...

cigarettes = evil
flush 'em down the toilet!